The East Shore Internet Society’s recent history has been ‘colourful’ to say the least.  It’s seen both governance and operational challenges that have caused strife in the community and ultimately negatively impacted its capacity to properly serve its members.  But the future is bright!  Thanks to hands-on consulting help from the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), ESIS is turning a new leaf.

In the past week and a half ESIS has:

  • Rebuilt its organizational structure by:
    Appointing 5 new Board members to form a complete Board: Mel Gale as President, Fraser Robb as Vice President, Richard Bertram as Secretary, Gail Conrad as Treasurer, Rosie Strom as Director, Garth Norris as Director, and Dan Séguin as Director;
  • Created 5 new Committees under the Board.  These are to facilitate daily operations by working collaboratively, the capital expansion project, and member services. Committees are under the direction of the Board and each have one Board member acting as representative/liaison back to the Board;
  • With the support of CBT Consultants, has completed a review of ESIS financial and business records and have reaffirmed Board confidence in Bob Carter;
  • Integrated financial management as a direct responsibility of the Board;
  • Integrated communications (newsletters, website, and articles) as a direct responsibility of the Board;
  • Began outlining and signing contracts with property owners who have towers on their land;
  • Reviewed recent service challenges of members and begun addressing these (overages, packages, service calls, installation requests, etc.);
  • Worked with its Board, Committees, and Bob Carter as operations manager to establish an aggressive plan for 2015 and 2016 that will address current operational issues (poor signal, repair service delays, installation delays, billing, overages, packages, etc.).

These steps have been enough to make CBT confident in its partnership with ESIS and agree not to pull its funding for the expansion project.

As an organization and as a community, we’ve got a steep hill to climb, but we also have a great opportunity ahead of us.  The expansion project supported by the Columbia Broadband Corporation (CBBC) will see an increase in download speeds for all customers, larger packages to address overages, and an increase in customer reach.  We are small in size but big in ideas.  Hopefully we can turn a new leaf in ESIS’ history and move forward together.

As a next step, the ESIS Board is working to re-establish its website as soon as possible as a way of keeping you up-to-date with developments.  We aren’t going to be perfect in our communications and service right away, but we’re going to do our best.

Until the website is up, we are happy to hear any questions or comments through Mel Gale ( or Fraser Robb (

A special thank you to all those in the community who’ve supported ESIS in the past.  It’s through your hard work that ESIS’s future is bright.  And thank you to all members for your patience and support, and we look forward to serving you to the best of our ability.

The ESIS Board


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