BC Healthy Communities will be facilitating an Aging Well Workshop at the Riondel Community Centre on March 9th and 10th.  

The objective of the workshop is to share information about services and resources available provincially and locally. It is geared not just to seniors, but to older adults to encourage them to start making plans on ‘aging well’

On Friday from 10:45-3, short presentations will be made by a panel representing each of 5 areas of discussion: Health, Finance, Social Connections, Transportation and Housing. Following this, a table talk section will provide time to address specific concerns and discuss other issues relating to senior care. It will give us a chance to summarize concerns and encourage participants to TAKE ACTION.

These workshops have been held in urban areas where it is much easier to end the first day by providing a multitude of options to seniors to address their concerns. However, rural areas have unique challenges to overcome if we want our seniors to age in place. Therefore, on Saturday from 11-2, we are inviting all senior program coordinators, along with BC Healthy Communities, to brainstorm, to connect with other agencies or health officials and to share knowledge. The hope, of course, is to end this day with a solution (or a work plan) for each concern expressed by the participants.

 Your input and participation in the Saturday event would be vital in obtaining a successful outcome. If there is a chance you could also attend the Friday event, you could hear first-hand the obstacles the seniors in our rural community are facing.

Please let us know if you, or a representative from your organization, are able to attend.

Organizing committee:  Peggy Skelton (Better at Home), Wendy Miller (Age-friendly Community), Fran ORourke (Riondel Seniors Association), Christy Gillespie (Ambulance Auxiliary), Laverne Booth (Better at Home)


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