April (No Fool’s Joke) Mainstreet Digital Version

Click here to read the April edition of The East Shore Mainstreet – in digital format only for the first time ever! Due to Covid-19 and our choice to reduce exposure and stay at home, the paper is only available online for April 2020. We hope you take advantage of it (it’s free this month after all!) and read it cover to cover. There’s all sorts of good information from local health experts, some armchair theorizing, some good opinion pieces and so much more. This world will go on… we may just have to bend a bit. Thanks for your understanding and patience!


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About ingrid

Ingrid has been the owner and editor of The East Shore Mainstreet newspaper since 2002. She lives and works out of her home in Gray Creek alongside her husband Juergen and children Zoe and Luka.

One thought on “April (No Fool’s Joke) Mainstreet Digital Version

  1. Fantastic issue! Thanks Ingrid! As always, informative and uplifting…
    Your love letter about Doreen is an exemplary tribute. Thank you. It is inspiring.
    Love & Hugs form Leona & Larry

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