May 16, 2021: As promised, BC Transit has released a survey asking for input for the Creston Valley Transit Future Service Plan. Here is the online survey link:


If you live locally please do the online survey and encourage others to do the same- the deadline is June 6.

A copy of the paper survey is embedded below.  Also, with help from RDCK and Garry Jackman, there are now be paper copies at each of the stores in Area A. 

Note: many of the questions are very difficult to answer as they pertain to residents of Creston/Erickson/Wynndel and area, and it is tricky to answer with any authority so perhaps the best option would be to answer each to the best of your ability, but post in the comment section below the answers a disclaimer about your inexperience with knowing what is needed in those specific areas and that should be considered upon data collection.


You should complete the survey online, or print it out and submit it according to instructions at the end of the survey. Paper copies are available at: Wynndel, Destiny Bay, Lakeview, Gray Creek, Crawford Bay and Riondel Stores/Markets.

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