BIG Band Festival!

Harmony in the Kootenays

by Karin Larsen

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The East Shore Many Bays Band is hosting it’s first ever Music Festival in Riondel from June 21 to 22 and invites you to share in our musical collaboration.

This immersive weekend unites four small community bands in a rehearsal performance weekend workshop. Local participants are including musicians from the surrounding areas of Kimberley, under the direction of Ian Ferrie; Creston, under the Direction of Monte Anderson; Slocan Valley, under the direction of Gail Elder; and our Eastshore Many Bays Band, under the direction of our own Donnie Clark.

Through sharing music from each bands music library, this comprehensive weekend experience is a fantastic chance to practice and perform selected concert pieces with full 70 piece-combined band.

Daily teaching sessions will take place throughout the weekend inspiring musical expression, and exposing musicians to different conducting styles.

Watch for posters advertising a Public Band Concert on Sunday, June 22 at 2pm in the Riondel Community Centre gymnasium. Admission is Free. Also, please come by Bob’s Bar and Grill on Friday June 20 at 7:30pm for the Band Festival Jam Session.

We hope to see you.


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