Coming up – there is an important meeting/information session regarding possible changes to the Balfour ferry landing involving moving it to Queen’s Bay.

Advocates of this change have been pushing for it for a long time, but there are also strong voices against the move.

The Queen’s Bay Association forwarded the following letter to Mainstreet and would like their East Shore friends to attend the information session and hear about the negative ramifications of this move. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and others involved in pushing for this move would also like to see people at the meeting to learn more, ask questions and express your concerns.

There is much to be discussed and learned. Come to the meeting for more information. It will be at the Redfish Elementary School Gymnasium from 5-8pm on June 15. Ferry-Meeting

Hello Friends and Neighbors of Queens Bay

The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) indicates that there are some emerging safety and operational issues with the Balfour Ferry terminal that need to be addressed.

The Ministry is considering either improving the existing Balfour terminal or relocating the terminal to Queens Bay North (~.5 Km from McEwen Point.)

The process of “public consultation” around this issue begins with an open house session at Redfish School June 15, 5 to 8pm.

This will be an “information session “not a meeting. It is a place to learn, discuss and give your feedback on their proposals.  There are many factors at play here beyond the desires of our residents. There are complex environmental, and technical issues, and huge social and economic concerns for Queens Bay and Balfour.

The formal consultation process proposes to end on July 6, giving only 3 weeks for stakeholders and the public to prepare their input.

Despite statements that “no decision has been made” relocating the ferry terminal to Queens Bay is clearly the preferred option for the Ministry.

Queens Bay Residents are overwhelmingly opposed to this possibility. More than 200 people live here and are primary stakeholders. We were not contacted directly about this process. MOTI is now engaging with us, but their timelines for input are unacceptably short.

The move would involve the paving and infill of most of the public beach in Queens Bay.
This beach is one of the best and warmest swimming beaches on the lake, cherished by many people.

QB community member

Get informed and make your views known.
Check out the gov. website at
The latest study was just added. You will be able to give feedback here after June 15, and ongoing to government officials your MLA and MP.

We appreciate your support.
Queens Bay Residents

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  1. For what its worth there are 13 viable business operating out of the existing out of the existing Belfour landing. I am not sure how many full time positions are involved or how many would become seasonal positions but I do know that there not be any full time positions at Queens Bay in the foreseeable future. Queens Bay does not want this move nor does Balfour. Is this all to knock off 10 minutes off the return trip or there a hidden agenda ?

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