Although fire bans have not yet been imposed in the region, residents are urged to use extreme caution if they decide to have open fires given the unseasonably warm and dry weather. “Fires can have devastating impacts upon communities; the mass evacuations and destruction in Fort MacMurray are a sober and prime example,” says Andrew Bellerby, Regional Fire Chief for the RDCK.

“Please don’t burn unless absolutely necessary and if you still insist on having a fire, make sure you have plenty of extinguishing devices available.” Never, ever leave a fire unattended or toss out cigarette butts.

Those residents who insist on having open fires are asked to keep the following points in mind:
• The type of material to be burned (only burn organics—no plastics, toxins, etc.)
• The size of the area to be burned
• Wind direction and strength
• Establish fuel/fire breaks and guards
• Have fire suppression (sprinklers, hoses)
• Make sure the fire is monitored at ALL times
• Ensure that the fire is extinguished
• If a fire spreads beyond control, contact your local fire department immediately.

The public is encouraged to attend Disaster Day on Hall Street in Nelson on Saturday, May 7th to learn more about emergency preparedness, wildfire mitigation, Fire Smart principles, and a number of other valuable topics. Grab a free hotdog and meet your local first responders who work hard to keep our communities safe!

From Alanna Garrett,  Emergency Preparedness:

Individual Preparedness – Grab ’n’ Go Kit 

Food and Water Tools

Health Safety

Important Papers Miscellaneous

Emergency Preparedness Websites

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