Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Carla Rosenbaum and Danyell Rosenbaum of Kootenay Bay

In April, 2017, Wolfgang Rosenbaum passed away, leaving his wife, Carla, and daughter, Danyell, on their own and not in good circumstances, as they were to learn.

After the dust settled from this loss, Danyell registered for college and moved to Vancouver to begin her courses. Unfortunately, at home Carla was suffering in silence. She was dealing with her grief, and with developing health issues. A cut on her leg wouldn’t heal, and it was getting worse. In March, 2021, she sent Danyell a message asking her to come home. Carla was going into the ER in Nelson, only to be sent on to Kelowna. Her right leg was being amputated. She needed Danyell to help and care for her during recovery.

Danyell couldn’t work and care for Carla at the same time. She and her mother believed this was a temporary situation, that Carla would literally get back on her feet again. Danyell, however, needed to stay in order to care for her mother’s wound.

However, Carla developed another wound on her other foot. The decision was made to amputate some of her toes. Unfortunately, that wound didn’t heal, and Carla lost part of her other leg, leaving her a double amputee.

What was bad became worse. Carla developed a blocked carotid artery. When she had a scan in Cranbrook, they discovered a spot. After a further scan, it became clear that an advanced, aggressive form of cancer had spread throughout her body. That, unfortunately, took all of Carla’s strength and light, and ultimately her life.

Danyell was left in a very difficult situation. While Wolfgang was sick, neither Carla nor Danyell were able to care for their home. They also didn’t have access to a working vehicle. After Carla’s passing, Danyell has been attempting to get a driver’s license to have some mobility, and get the house into good condition so that it will be livable, or at the very least sellable.

But she desperately needs financial help. If you are able to donate, please deposit what you can into the Nelson & District Credit Union, Member Number 20039396, or transfer your donation to her email account: Anything you can give would be very much appreciated.

Danyell would like to thank those of you who have already donated. She would also like to thank the people in her life who have given her their help and support.

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