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Telus has announced a plan to put a cell tower right in the middle of Riondel. There is a committed, passionate group of residents that have been busy informing the various levels of government, Tech resources and Telus.

This is a very hot topic right now, and all residents of the East Shore need to be aware of it, because Riondel is only one of many towers that could potentially dot the whole East Shore. Even though the site is being developed in Riondel as we speak, cell towers and the dangers of EMF radiation should be everyone’s concern.

The group has planned a event to protest the installation. Details follow:

From the Facebook Group (Riondel Cell Tower Urgent Relocation Group): TELUS intends to put up a 100 ft cell tower beside Bob’s Bar and Grill in Riondel THIS MONTH! We have serious health concerns from continuous close electromagnetic radiation nearby for all the people in their homes and businesses, as well as loss of property value in Riondel. We are asking TELUS to relocate the tower out of the village.

You are invited to please join us on FRIDAY MAY 15th at 12:30 PM to protest, next door to Bobs Bar and Grill, at the TELUS property in Riondel. Please bring a sign if you can! Some suggested words could be: RELOCATE TELUS TOWER NOW, STOP DANGEROUS TOWER LOCATION, NO TOWER INSIDE TOWN! Any variety of words is welcomed, but in large enough letters that they will be easily seen from a distance.

You don’t have to be from Riondel to show solidarity with displaying concern for continuous close electromagnetic radiation on nearby people in their homes and businesses. The more people that turn up the better, and we will spread out. We are inviting the MEDIA to attend! We will practice social distancing. Please bring your mask.

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  1. I personally think it’s a good thing. It will help a lot of people on our area yo get better service.

    1. We all recognize the value of cell phone service and want better coverage. However, given that other preferable locations are available, have been suggested multiple times and ignored, for Telus to go ahead with the site next to Bob’s is corporate bullying, plain snd simple. There are people ready to move out of Riondel if the tower goes ahead in this location.. the opposite of what we want for the village.

  2. Are you guys kidding yourselves? You folks want better cell service, have you thought of that tower exposing everyone in your village to serious radiation burns from 5G technology. Will Telus come up front and tell you there will be 5G technology there? No they won’t. Be careful what you wish. Wake up like many other places around the world.

  3. I’m pretty sure that pole is not what it will look like. How many times have you drove past the one on the corner down the lake between Lockhart and Hall Rd.? Bet you have never noticed it. Have you ever hit a deer or had an accident near here. How far did you have to walk to get service. It’s a cell tower, not a power line tower. What are you going to do when land lines go down for days?

    1. Mary-Lou are you talking about Columbia/Blue Point? That is an ESIS tower. If you attended the Telus information session as I did, (the one last June where they ignored all the comments from those opposed to locating it next to Bob’s), then you would know that they plan to build a 100′ monopole tower, just like the one in the photo.

  4. Time for some solid perspective. There has been some heated bickering here and on some other sites – the moderators seem to agree and have deleted some posts.

    Here is a proper schematic drawing (see link). This example is 103’ (31.4m). Telus says theirs will be 100’ (30.5m).

    For those with the loudest voices against moving the tower out of town, away from homes and businesses: Would you, and everyone in your family, and everyone you love and care about, be singing the same tune if a tower was placed, so visibly, and just 10 meters from YOUR family, YOUR home, YOUR backyard solace, YOUR property or YOUR business? When compassion is placed first, beliefs and opinions become irrelevant.

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