Date of Meeting: July 24th, 2021
Time: 1pm (Riondel Ball Park) & 3pm (Crawford Bay Park/Pavillion)
• Introductions [Garry]
• Outline of Topics for today’s meeting [Garry]
• RDCK Emergency Management program: [Jon]
o Emergency Program Coordinator role
o Personal & family Preparedness
o Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program
o Plans for freshet, fire, spills etc.
• Fire Service response [Garry / Cory / Nora]
• Emergency Support Services [Jon]
• FireSmart [Joel]
Presenters and officials present will be available for questions and answers at the end of each segment +
there will be a ‘parking lot’ for follow ups after the meetings.

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  1. I printed what was provided but I have updated with information based on what has been gleaned. Riondel ball park and Crawford Bay pavilion…

    1. So glad the community is doing this. Any possibility of putting up a few fliers for those who aren’t online (in locations such as the stores and the ferry landing)?

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