Congratulations to the East Shore! We have been approved (95%) for a job creation partnership program which will hire four people (on employment insurance in the past three to five years) to gps and map trails, and organize a Smart Fire community program.

We are looking for four people who are on ei and are available for work for 35 hours a week between mid-April  to the end of October. Wage is the EI rate of about $500/week plus some protective equipment. Details are still being worked out. If you are interested you must make an appointment with Kootenay Employment Services either in Creston or Crawford Bay.

Paulette and Renee will be in Crawford Bay on April 1 and 2. Please call  250-428-5655 now!

Other positions such in field supervisor and administrative support will likely be hired through Selkirk College. Watch human resources for information.

Contractors may also be needed on this project. Please call Laverne to express interest at 250-227-9218 ext 5518 or email

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