Financial Update  

Thanks to the Crawford Bay Market, Barefoot Handweaving and Forge & Furnace Gallery who have recently sold another $225 worth of our Bruce Paterson cards and prints of our hall. With Christmas coming both these items could be perfect gifts for members of your family or former residents that you stay in touch with.  

2022 AGM  

This important meeting will be held in the Crawford Bay Hall at 7:00 on Wednesday, November 23 and everyone is welcome. Please attend to find out what we have been doing for the past year and help us figure out how to continue to keep community assets in community hands.

Fundraising Started on East Shore Preowned Buy Sell Free website.  

You can support our work to maintain our hall and park by supporting our current fundraising work on the above website. Three items are posted – a heritage pattern completely hand stitched patchwork quilt, his and hers bicycles in new condition, and a colourful indoor-outdoor LED palm tree. 

Helping our Neighbours

Our association has given the Kootenay Lake Community Church a license which is free of charge and runs for ten years to use that part of the hall property that is between the church and Wadds Road. (The boundary runs from the North West corner of the Church and is essentially perpendicular to Wadds Road.) The land is to be used for parking, access and other church related business. The license has been signed by both parties and is now in effect. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 84 year old community hall!

Construction began on the present day hall in May of 1938 and the grand opening ceremony for the building was held on November 4, 1938. A lot of the fundraising was done by the Crawford Bay Womens’ Institute which included members from Riondel, Kootenay Bay, Boswell, Procter and Harrop. 

During our current fundraising campaign to restore the hall we have enjoyed help from the Kootenay Lake Lions, the Gray Creek Historical Society and the Riondel Museum Association. Residents from other nearby communities including Areas B, C, F and the town of Creston have donated to our cause through the RDCK CIP Grants. Our association has taken on the challenge of restoring Crawford Bay’s Hall for the good of all Eastshore residents, area visitors and regional businesses alike. In light of this, it’s good to know the idea of ‘neighbours helping neighbours’ is still alive and well around the shores of Kootenay Lake and beyond. 

Thanks for Help: 

We try to always thank folks who help us with our job of maintaining and improving the assets we manage but sometimes residents and businesses that assist us on a sustaining basis get left out. Here is a (hopefully) complete list of them: Cam and his staff at the Crawford Bay Market for selling the cards and colour prints of our hall; Bex Kelly and family for summertime garbage patrol and work on the children’s playground at the park; Ben Lahnemann and Megan Rokeby-Thomas for helping out at the Kootenay Bay boat launch; Kokanee Springs for their complimentary mowing of the soccer pitch; Cherry and Garry MacLagn for caretaking of the tennis courts and park biffy; RDCK Area A director, Garry Jackman, for his assistance with funding; Paul Hindson of Kokanee Springs RV & Campground for complimentary mowing in our park; Shelby and other staff at the Crawford Bay School for help with printing; Barefoot Handweaving and Forge & Furnace Gallery for selling prints and cards.

Above all others we have enjoyed the on-going support of Ingrid Baetzel during her time as the editor and publisher of the The East Shore Mainstreet! We will miss the opportunity to communicate with many of our supporters through the medium of print and thank Ingrid for all her help over the years.  

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