Dear Friends of the Crawford Bay Community Hall,

We are very close to the construction phase! Getting construction drawings is our present task. We have applied for a grant and if you can take FIVE MINUTES to write a sentence or two about why you support our association’s efforts to rejuvenate and preserve the hall, it will help our chances of receiving money.

STEPS to Support US:

  1. Please go the the RDCK website
  2. Click on MAR 28-online engagement tool sentence
  3. Click on
  4. Click on BOLD CIP Engagement Form 

Answers (once you’re at the right spot):

  1. AREA A
  2. Crawford Bay & District Hall & Parks Association
  3. YES
  4. Comment in the box and submit

Fantastic. You are done! Thanks so very much for your continued support. Please comment by next Friday, April 8, 2022.

FYI: 2022 involves getting these drawings as well as applying for grants which will allow for Construction/Restoration to begin hopefully in 2024.  Foundation work, heat pump, the building envelope, insulation, solar panel ready roof, windows, doors, new entryway and Accessibility Ramp are our goal.  $1,250,000.  Please cross all your fingers and toes. One grant application has 42 pages of guidelines. 

Leona Keraiff, Co-Chair, Crawford Bay & District Hall & Parks Association

5 Responses

  1. Is it worthwhile to preserve the Crawford bay hall?The community has a new school building that can be used for activities etc.(many CBH events are of no interest to me personally).
    A survey should be done to measure interest if the hall should be preserved,demolished or left as is.
    Thank you,Leonna, for your community work.I have always suspected that you are a good person.

    1. The Crawford Bay Hall & Parks Association DID a public survey about the hall in 2019 and the overwhelming response was to fix it asap!! Leaving it “as is” is not an option as the building is no longer “to code” as a building of public assembly.

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