Do we have a high degree of health and vitality among our residents?

Is the East Shore of Kootenay Lake a Blue Zone?    

The East Shore exhibits qualities of a blue zone (which are special places on Earth where there is a high degree of health and vitality among the residents).  As of the 2016 census, we had 6 elderly widows over the age of 100 living on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake.  The peace and tranquility of the lake and mountains, trees that fill us with oxygen, fresh water, food and cultural well-being, contribute to the fact that our residents tend to live long and fulfilling lives.

Where are the Elders Now?

In 120 phone calls  completed this week for the “Moving Forward in Area A” Age Friendly Community Assessment Project,  we are having difficulty locating our most elderly. 

We need to hear from our elders because “what is good for the grandparents is good for the kids”. We can all benefit from their thoughts and feelings about our current situation and our sense of community. 

Results from this consultation with three different ages groups- 55plus, seniors (65plus) and elders (75plus)  will be reported back to the community.   The goal of the Age Friendly project is to consult community members and take action to ensure our elders, and all ages of residents, have access to basic needs,  services and community inclusion.

As of this weekend (Oct 17/18),  roughly 10% of the 55plus aged residents from Wynndel to Riondel have been called by  phone and asked to participate in a short  survey which can be completed online or by phone.

Our callers: Catherine White, Taryn Stokes and Laverne Booth have enjoyed speaking with people about concerns as aging residents.

We are asking your help.

 If you are aged 55plus, please go to the link below and fill in the survey (if you haven’t already) .  Your information  is confidential, and we invite your further participation in the project ,if desired.   Enter the Best Shore Bus Trip draw at the end of the survey.   Please enter by Monday, Oct 19 midnight.

If you have an elder friend of family aged 80 plus who may not have been contacted, please either do the survey with them or give them the phone number so they can call us at 250-551-6020.    Thank you.

Laverne Booth, Age Friendly project coordinator    250-551-6020

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    1. Brian,
      What happens after you do the first page and press “next” the page looks empty but if you scroll up will find the other questions, just look for a sliding bar on the right of the page and move that up to scroll. Good luck, Please call me if you have more difficulties, Laverne at 250-551-6020

  1. We will be accepting your responses and entry in the bus draw this week until Friday Oct 23.
    Thank you for participating, we are all getting older so let’s take this opportunity to try and get things right for ourselves and others.

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