This bus could be driving around the East Shore, picking up people to take them to the ferry, going to Nelson and Creston for a day each week, taking people from Riondel to the clinic, and driving visitors and locals around to see some of our sights and experiences, or taking groups of locals to events and festivals off the shore.

If you can imagine this and more, and if you support this idea of getting a community bus on the road, then we need your help!  A savings account has been established, thanks to the East Shore Advocacy Society, at the Nelson and District Credit Union.  We have until November 30 to raise the $3000 which is the selling price set by Valley Services in Creston.

We have a generous donation from a Riondel resident, and $500 has gone into  Valley Services as a deposit.  So we need $2500 ASAP and another two or three thousand to maintain the vehicle for the first year or two.  Garry Jackman is recommending $1,000 of public funds to the organization who would like to own, and insure the vehicle.  Insurance costs are approximately $1500-2000/year, depending on the driver’s record.

The specs: 2001 Ford Econoline E 350, diesel, CVW 4550, 7.3 litre, 8 cyclinder, automatic, RWD, 4 wheel ABC, capacity: 11 people, 345,000 km.  Drivers need a Class 4 (unrestricted), medical test, and clean commercial driving record (less than 4 points).

What can you do?   Make an investment in the community bus- take a deposit to the East Shore branch of NDCU  or put it in the night deposit box.  Mark on it “transportation fund” , East Shore Advocacy Society.  If you want to be recognized as an investor/donor please tell them to put a note on the deposit so we can keep track. If you would like to be anonymous, not a problem, don’t mention the note.  DO THIS NOW!

Whatever the amount you can donate is great, I rolled up my coins, and Dave is cashing in his bottle collection to make a donation.  We have only a few days left, and Valley Services has been very kind, they really want us to have this bus, as they know about our transportation issues, through our Better at Home partnership.  THERE is a deadline of November 30, 2018.

If you are an investor, you can join the little management team, there are three of us right now.  We will be setting things up in the spring, once we raise the money, and bring the bus home!  Let me know if you are interested in this. We will also need volunteer drivers at first (per km. Mileage paid), and an excellent phone system to have on the bus.

For questions, concerns please contact:  Laverne Booth at or facebook/messenger to talk.

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