Kim Young received this info from Creston Public Health and submitted it to Mainstreet:

“Due to the Province’s decision to move up second doses of the Covid vaccine, we will be holding clinics at the Crawford Bay school on June 4th-6th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). These will be larger clinics with more immunizers and will be open to anyone who is due for their second dose of vaccine or anyone who has not received their first dose. Those in the younger age group of 12-17 year olds are very much welcome. The hours of operation will be 9:00-3:30. We strongly recommend individuals make an appointment, but we will make every attempt to accommodate drop ins. Individuals will need to book their appointments online or by phone by visiting: or call 1-833-838-2323. Appointments are currently being created in the ImmsBC system and should be available to book into early next week. Please do not call the Creston Health Centre if there are no appointments available. Please wait another day and try again. Sometimes there are delays in getting appointments into the booking system.”

ALSO: If you previously registered to receive your second vaccine, you should be receiving an email (or text) invitation soon to make your appointment.

Note: those who are booking their 2nd dose will get a text or email reading as follows:

______, you can now book your COVID-19 second dose vaccination appointment: 

You will need your registration confirmation number __________ and your Personal Health Number to book your vaccination appointment online.

If you need to get vaccinated during your workday, by law you can take up to 3 hours of paid leave for your appointment. Learn more:

Learn more about getting vaccinated at

Get translated information:

4 Responses

  1. That toll free number is about registering. Not about appointments! We called a few times. If you are registered you will get an email or text and a link to book your appointment.

  2. Waiting for that email re: appointments
    …hope it gets here in a timely manner for the CBay timeline. After an appropriate call for an appointment for the fist jab, I finally just registered on line and booked on line for a Creston appointment, and no problem to do so again..
    Lois W.

  3. Might skip 2nd dose.
    The odds of infection,after 1st dose, has been reported to be very low in North America.When vaccine supply was an issue,2-3 months ago,health officials were suggesting that one dose could be sufficient.When vaccines where going through approval stage,manufacture sources were advising that vaccine innoculation would be necessary every 6 months.The rates of infection are low in Creston Health District.
    So,1st dose was in March.2nd in September?

    1. Just read that phizer vaccine 2nd dose interval is 3 weeks.So,people who received 2nd dose this weekend in Crawford Bay may have to recieve a 3rd dose in 3 weeks to actually acheive the intended efficacy.
      Vaccine term of protection is unknown,because not enough data has accumulated.phizer did estimate it might be 6 months.
      I am not anti vaccine.The changing narratives put out by health officials has caused confusion.
      These vaccines are approved for Emergency use in Canada.

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