submitted by Carol Vanr for the Citizens Information Ad-Hoc Group (Retallack Proposal)

In a June 4, 2018 discussion with Christine Lohr, Land Officer with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources, a newly-founded information group was granted an extension on the existing deadline (June 13) for feedback regarding the Retallack back-country proposal until mid-July.

Due to the public still not having all the information (although it is all available), as well as difficulty for some residents in easily accessing the enormous proposal documents, this group was formed to distribute information gleaned from the proposal itself, conversations with key activists, proponents, opposers, wildlife specialists and local resources.

The plan is to analyze the information already available and present it in clear, factual pieces that are more manageable for the public and then to disseminate the information over the next month. Feedback on this process is sought and very welcome.

The information will be available at booths and tables over the coming weeks in higher populated locations and will hopefully be followed up by a public open house with a panel of experts and vested parties.

The tentative date for this open house is June 22 at 7pm at the Crawford Bay Hall. Watch for confirmation of this proposed meeting, but mark it down in your calendars for now!

We are looking for people who want to tend to these information tables. These people will present information in a factual manner and be able to offer their own understandings of the proposal.

Please feel free to join or reach out! Contact Carol Vanr at 250.505.3760 or for further info or to lend a hand.

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  1. There are two online petitions circulating against the Retallack proposal. They are the same, but may reach different regions/individuals. If opposed to the Retallack venture, please sign both of these and (most importantly) send your concerns directly to the government officials listed within the petitions before July 15. We must protect the little wilderness that is left from commercialization, along with the peaceful existence for those wanting to reside along and visit the east shore of Kootenay lake! Thank you.

  2. I’m looking for the on – line petition to sign against the helli skiing but can’t find it??

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