Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Came To the Fair and It Was Sweeter

by Jacqueline Wedge

The 102nd KOOTENAY LAKE FALL FAIR is happening on Saturday, September 14, at the Crawford Bay Hall from noon to 5pm. This year, a bunch of East Shore food-lovers and organization freaks came together to bring you what we hope will be the best and most memorable fall fair yet. It offers something for everyone, including outdoor excitement (musical spectacles- including Elena Yeung, learning opportunities, groovy raffles, a cake walk…), interactive games and food contests, food for sale (both local produce and lunch items), the adorable fall tea (fancy hats optional, but way more fun), kid activities (craft tent and art emporium), and lots of stuff to gawk at inside the hall, all that beauteous bounty that is judged that morning, tagged and adorned with ribbons, displayed for us all to compare and admire…

Personally, I like to know who makes and grows what, so that I know who I can lovingly and politely ask for advice from in a particular area: for instance, “The sunflower that is 5 feet in diameter… really? Where can I get me some of those seeds!?” and, “That winning pie, like, wow, I need the recipe…” “Pickled asparagus, oh my! I need to trade you some eggs for that amazing mana from heaven…” and, “That funky sweater, I need to know what kind of wool that is”…  “Hey, where was that photo of the grizzly taken… around here?” At the Fall Fair, you can see who made what and you can share and swap info, and be proud of your abilities and proud of your neighbour’s abilities. This is a celebration of our finest and wildest local creations and their creators, an important and integral part of being human, especially in these apathetic, lifeless computer dark ages. The home-made, the hand-made, the made-with-love, the grass-roots community-supported real-life products that connect us to our cultural and humanitarian roots, is what we are bringing together here.

With the changes we have made to the judging (kids and arts & crafts), we hope that the fall fair is able to respect and represent the evolving needs of fair attendees and folks who submit things into the categories… We strongly feel that if you have issues with any of our decisions, to please join the team who work hard at bringing you this wonderful function. Though East Shore Food Roots is a sponsor, we would like to thank all of the folks who help make this happen, and who help make it fun and worthwhile event to support and continue: Rec 9 and the RDCK, along with the “discretionary fund”, the Nelson and District Credit Union, and the Lion’s Club. The 2013 crew (board members and managers) includes Fran Kinder, Laverne Booth, Farley Cursons, Marion Johnson, Glen Kinder, Virginia Holman, Louise Prest, Paris Marshall-Smith, Juanita Meekis, Branca Lewendowski, Nancy Galloway, Helene Carter, Scott East, Dana Gallinger, Nicole Plouffe, Carol Van R., and myself, Jacqueline Wedge.

Please submit your carrots, your zinnias, your bonsai, pumpkins, scarves and beer, the photo of your baby, your short story, and your collection of trains, whatever. Share, dare to compare, and don’t be afraid to be a square.

Kids, enter all that you can. Even into categories that are not for kids. The more you enter, the more chances you have to win, and get bragging rights. And prizes. Check out the brochure (in stores and on-line at <kootenayfoodroots.wordpress.com>) to know what categories are open, see how many you can enter, challenge yourself… Remember that the theme this year is the mighty pumpkin: the special pumpkin categories should inspire you to be more like Peter, using the pumpkin in a pretty creative way…

We hope to see you there.



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