FireSmart Presentation – 2 hours

The FireSmart Presentation:
This 2 hour presentation is intended for East Shore residents that are concerned with the wildfire risk they may be facing on their individual properties and within their community.
Don Mortimer, a consultant specializing in wildland urban interface fire issues will cover a range of topics with a general focus on assessing your wildfire risk and using FireSmart mitigations to reduce your wildfire hazard.

General Overview on:
 Risk of Wildfire in the Interface
 Interface Fire Issues
 How are Buildings Ignited by Wildfire?
 Interface Fire Suppression Challenges
 Video – ‘Wildfire: Preventing Home Ignitions’

Working with the FireSmart Home Owners Manual participants will learn the basics of:
 Assessing your Wildfire Risk
 Reducing your Wildfire Hazard

The wildland interface fire hazard existing in your community can be mitigated – learn about the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program and how this national initiative can assist you to work with your neighbours to implement FireSmart mitigations in your community.

Questions – phone Laverne Booth – Coordinator (250) 551-5827

Wildland Urban Interface Hazard Assessment + Mitigation Course

Gray Creek Hall – This 8 hour presentation is for residents seeking a more in-depth coverage of topics covered in the 2 hour FireSmart Presentation. Participants will review wildland urban interface fire issues, use of the FireSmart Hazard Assessment System and implementation of FireSmart recommended guidelines to mitigate assessed hazards. A field session will provide participants an opportunity to practice hazard assessment and mitigation skills.

Don Mortimer, a consultant specializing in wildland urban interface fire issues is a co-author of the FireSmart: Protecting Your Community from Wildfire manual. This manual is the national standard for interface fire protection. Don also works closely with FireSmart Canada a national non-profit association that has recently launched the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program and National Community Wildfire Preparedness Day (May2).

Ph Laverne Booth – Coordinator (250) 551-5827 to register.

 The practical session will require a local field site with a variety of structures situated in high/extreme hazard locations.
 Participants will work with the instructor using the Hazard Assessment Forms and Checklists to accomplish a site-specific application of the three-part FireSmart mitigation strategy.

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