Fire Smart Colour July 2015 (2)Hello friends,

We are urgently trying to get the message out about the Fire Smart workshop this Saturday and the draw to win a crew for a day. We want all East Shore residents to know about this. Residents, volunteer fire fighters, ambulance personnel and first responders are invited to attend for free (and you can still enter the draw).

Win a day from a trained team from our own Bike and Fire Safety Project who will help you keep you property safe from wildfire! Simply take the Fire Smart Workshop which shows you how to assess your own property. Invaluable tools for this season!

No need to pre-register for this one- just show up on Saturday at 8:30 am Crawford Bay Hall with lunch, $20, a hat, some water. Be prepared to do site visits in the afternoon at East Shore Properties and Boswell.

Please spread the word

Thank you.

Laverne Booth – 250-551-5827

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