Friends of the Lake Launch Water Quality Monitoring Program


May 16, 2013
Friends of Kootenay Lake Launches Water Quality Monitoring Program!
The Friends of Kootenay Lake are working with citizen-scientists and marinas to monitor the water quality of our amazing lake! The program has a two pronged approach.
There are 15 people on the lake that are taking weekly temperature and water clarity
readings from 15 different sites. In addition, we are conducting a more intensive
monitoring program on the West Arm where we monitor by boat 12 times between
April-October for the following:
• Chlorophyll a
• Turbidity
• Total Phosphorus
• Dissolved Phosphorus
• Total Nitrogen
• Nitrate + Nitrite
• Ammonia
• Fecal Coliform
• Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
• Organic Nitrogen
• Temperature
• Dissolved Oxygen
• Water clarity
The three year program is designed to collect important base-line information and to
encourage a broader and deeper understanding the lake’s ecosystem. We are looking
for volunteers to get involved with our program whether it is taking weekly temperature
readings off the end of your dock, taking water clarity readings from your boat, or
joining us out on a chartered boat for a day to try your hand at water quality
monitoring! Get involved with the lake you love by contacting our program manager at: or at 250-777-2955.
A special thanks to our funders – the Columbia Basin Trust and the Real Estate
Foundation of BC for making this research possible!

Claire de la Salle – Program Director
Phone: (250)777-2955

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