Calling all Community Members, Parents, CBESS Staff,

Students and East Shore Residents

CBESS Needs Its Grades 10-12

The Board of Education and SD#8 have been doing a facilities review and taking proposals from communities about cost-saving measures and SD8 school configuration for a while now.

Somehow the proposition of making CBESS into a K-9 school

became one of the scenarios for discussion.

There are many factors about this scenario that could have devastating effects on our region, including families moving away and taking their kids with them, students burning out from necessary and lengthy transit, businesses closing and job opportunities disappearing, less draw for visitors and newcomers for our region, our children’s safety and freedom of choice, the school reaching a minimal capacity issue and many more concerns…

Do you have an opinion about this? Do you worry about something like this scenario making it into the board’s draft plan and becoming reality?

Please join us on Friday, March 11 at the CB School at 6:30pm.

SD8 Secretary/Treasurer Kim Morris and Trustee Chair Lenora Trenaman will be in attendance to answer your questions and inform how we need to give feedback and by what deadlines.

Now is the time! Please be there.

For more info, contact Laury McPherson (250.227.9218) or Ingrid Baetzel (250.227.9246) and please look at the school board’s website for an extensive look at the facilities planning process, scenario scoring sheets, history and more:

See below for the upcoming planning SD8 meetings:


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