The directors of Gray Creek Hall have decided that it’s finally time to decommission the sound system at the hall, as it gets very little use, and requires attention.

Thus, all of these items are being offered to members of our community, for a modest donation (suggested minimum donation – $20)

Please look carefully at the photos which indicate model numbers.

Each item on the list below may be procured/secured by a small financial donation to GCH Society (first $ gets it)

Although at one time they worked fine, they are being offered as ‘untested’.

Grime, historical dust & dirt of the ages, spider webs, etc. all included at no extra charge

If you are interested in any of these items, please contact Will Chapman, to arrange pick up and donation – ideally during the first week of February. (250) 227-9600

If unclaimed, these items will be taken to be donated to charity at the beginning of February.

Gray Creek Hall Society


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