Sometime early to mid week of the first days of November, the Gray Creek Hall was broken into and vandalized. The front door to the kitchen broken down and seriously damaged, the stove pipe was ripped out of the propane heater, the glass windows on the french doors to the patio were broken, the cook stove was irreparably damaged (door pulled off of it and smashed). The vandals left plenty of evidence behind, including blood (it appeared that someone was injured in the destruction) and two sets of RCMP investigators have come to Gray Creek to investigate. An identification team was sent out on November 6.

Kitchen door




The Gray Creek Hall board has set to the process of cleaning up and doing repairs as soon as the investigation is complete and there is talk of a fundraiser to help provide support for the losses. Contact Will and Michelle at 250.227.9600 to offer to be a part of a fundraiser.

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