After receiving nominations from across the province, judges from have selected five play spaces to move forward into the final round. Amazingly, Crawford Bay Park made it to the final five finalists who are nominated to potentially win a revitalization worth up to $100,000!

Crawford Bay Community Park

The plan, according to EASEY (East Shore Alliance for Supporting the Early Years) Coordinator Ellie Reynolds, is to turn the park/playground “from decrepit and dangerous to a beautiful, functional appealing public space.”

She asks residents and friends all around the area, province, country or world to please take a minute and VOTE, not just today but everyday until the end of June.

“We are competing against Vancouver projects and so everyone and their friends and acquaintances and grandparents needs to vote if we are in with a chance, so please help spread the word and share the link.Cast your vote and show your support by sharing your favourite spaces with friends and family.”

Vote Now


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