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Important Survey for East Shore Residents

There is a Community Health Action Research study in progress on the East Shore.   Your participation is very important to ensure improved health services for us all.

The health survey is the first step.  If you would like to do the survey on line, click on this link (your input  will go directly to Selkirk College):

You can also do the survey on the form which was delivered to your mailbox or post office.  Please return to the post office by February 25.  Each adult over 19 years of age can do a survey. These surveys will be picked up and taken to the Selkirk nursing students to put together all the results.

Thanks for your patience! 

Community meetings will be held in three locations (light lunch served):

THANKS TO ALL!   Together we can address the  health and safety needs of all residents!

Message from the Advisory Steering Committee, East Shore Community Health Society, Selkirk College Community Education and the third year Nursing Students.

You may also do the survey on the forms provided through your post office.  We hope that each adult over the age of 19 will complete the survey. Please return these surveys to your local post office where they will be collected and taken to Selkirk College.




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