jumboThe owners of the Jumbo Glacier ski resort have been given approval to proceed with the construction of lodges and lifts by the municipal council.

Jumbo Mayor Greg Deck and council passed the permits on Tuesday that allow ski lifts, a lodge of up to 150 rooms and a day lodge at the base of Farnham glacier.

“It allows the operator to use a lift on the glacier as opposed to a snow cat and allows for fixed roof accommodation,” said Deck.

A huge mountainous area around the planned resort has been designated a resort municipality by the B.C. Government.

Jumbo’s builders now hope to install a lift on the glacier and begin building a permanent lodge for the controversial year-round ski resort planned for the mountains, west of Invermere.

But resort opponents are skeptical, saying approval from an appointed council doesn’t mean there is any money to build a year round resort.

John Bergenske, with the environmental group Wildsight says, “I think it’s an unfortunate next step in a doomed proposal that is yet to see any significant investment.”

with files from Bob Keating CBC News

Posted: May 22, 2013 12:29 PM PT

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