Keep it Clean, Please

Crawford Bay resident Susan Hulland sent in these photos (and words below) after finding significant rubbish left behind at the Crawford Bay boat ramp and beach area. Are you noticing more garbage being left behind by visitors and/or residents lately? What can be done to encourage the “pack it in, pack it out” philosophy? Is signage at these gathering places perhaps required?

From S. Hulland: “Some people are not treating our community right. Visitors need guidelines, a code of conduct if you will, about how to act around here. The included pictures were taken two days apart. The large pieces of very heavy blue plastic were discarded at the old Crawford Bay boat ramp.The campfire, smoking and smoking, was found early Saturday morning near the mouth of  Crawford Creek. Beside it an empty rum bottle and various Pepsi cans. Of course I suppose it could have been local residents but I sure hope not.”

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