by Galadriel Rael for Mainstreet Online

Could there be a middle ground for the ferry landing situation? YES!  BUT, we need more time, and it looks like we have it.

The deadline for community feedback and input on the potential Balfour/Queen’s Bay ferry landing move has been extended until Oct 6, 2016. 

As a local, the idea of more frequent and faster ferry crossings has huge appeal, but what is currently being proposed is potentially going to cost substantially more than it may provide in gain.

Officials have already publicly stated that the cost involved in building the Queen’s Bay terminal will (while being lower in operating costs) likely come out to be the same, if not more, than a new boat and renovations for Balfour and don’t factor in the big picture, including economic and environmental impact. There are many options to weigh here, and a lot more information needs to still come in before residents understand the full picture.

If a new boat is built, there is still a possibility for more frequent crossings and better schedules. It may be that petitioning for a more convenient schedule is easier and more beneficial that running the risk of damaging local businesses, community spaces, and causing huge negative environmental impact.

In short, requesting more thorough research and information before we decide to go one way or another seems prudent. In a conversation with Michelle Mungall, MLA, we were assured that this is by no means a done deal. We still have the opportunity to voice our concerns and ideas. The deadline for community input has BEEN EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 6th, 2016!  

Go to for more information and search the web for other sides of the equation, like and

If you write letters, you can send them to 

Be sure to cc your MLA:




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