Chief Cory Medhurst reports that BC Ambulance Services and local first responders were called to a beach in the Gray Creek area at 5 pm on the evening of June 27th to attend to a reported near drowning.

A local man in his early forties had ventured out into the water, reportedly to meet friends in a boat, and had slipped under the shelf in the water and not resurfaced. He was reportedly under the water for  approximately one full minute before anyone got to him. Another local man (who Medhurst hails as a hero in this incident) went into the water and pulled out the unconscious man who was then attended to with CPR. He was resuscitated to pulse and breath and BC Ambulance got to the scene shortly thereafter.

Because of the seriousness of the incident, BCAS called in a helicopter with ALS paramedics who met the crew at the decommissioned airstrip in Crawford Bay.

Medhurst also issued a warning about cautiousness in driving and awareness of emergency vehicles.  In a separate incident, but at the same time,  a truck and camper attempting to enter the campground where the accident occurred sideswiped the ambulance causing some damage and a significant delay in patient care.

Summer is here… stay safe.

RETRACTION: Some comments printed in an earlier version of this article regarding the patient’s condition were attributed to the responding paramedics on scene. In fact, the paramedics made no such comments and those comments were removed upon learning they were incorrect. We apologize to everyone involved for any inconvenience.

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