Dear parents and children of the East Shore:

Hello! My name is Jacqueline, the Primary Coordinator for a new program through Community Connections, now named Junior Squad. This is a year-round program for 6 to 11 year olds on the East Shore. We are receiving funds from the Columbia Basin Trust Thriving Families Grant, Credit Union, and likely more community supporting grant providers as we move forward. This programme is for ALL 6-11 juniors, both school kids and homeschooled kids.

Art, music, nature walks, gardening, mindfulness & yoga, dance, survival skills, tracking, treasure hunts, science experiments, concerts, theatre, … and eventually movie nights too! We’ll be involved in fund-raisers, community events, and intergenerational activities, all within a safe and respectful environment. 

As we get more organised and have a better idea of our numbers, we will have a more solid, consistent schedule, but for now, please be patient with us! For those of you familiar with the East Shore Youth Council / Network, we are modelling OUR programme in a similar fashion: weekly activities all year, open communication, adherence to group values and policies, and of course we’ll have some healthy snacks!

Some house-keeping notes:

Your job, ASAP:

I hope this isn’t too much information. I promise that subsequent newsletters will not be so girthy. 

Peace & carrots,

Jacqueline Wedge

Please forward this email to other local parents/guardians ONLY (as I do not have access to everyone’s addresses), to ensure that all kids know about this awesome group!

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