UPDATE: March 29, 2021: The following message was posted to Facebook today from a member of the family who was exposed to the virus and contracted it. Many have been calling for a statement and it is as follows:

Dear community and friends,
I am deeply sorry for all the turmoil that has gripped our community. The need to be transparent and let you in on what has happened is important to me.
I started feeling aching muscles and a headache on Wednesday the 24th. Was tested for COVID Thursday and confirmed a positive result on Friday.
We now know that it came up with a family member from Vancouver who stayed in my house this last weekend.
It seems only my household was affected. All other close friends and family who were around this person have tested negative, so I am feeling like it was not spread very far or even that easily. I pray no one else who I may not be aware of has contracted it.
I am sorry I didn’t post this sooner but I am still in a very challenging situation with grief and now battling the virus. I just haven’t been capable until now.
I love you all so much and again I am sorry.
Gabe English, Nelson

March 26, 2021: One person, who does not live on the East Shore, but had contact with East Shore residents, has received a positive Covid test result upon returning to their hometown.

Contact with East Shore residents may have occurred on Sunday, March 21st in the Crawford Bay area where people were gathered in family groups to witness a memorial service.

It is recommended that those who may have come into contact with this individual, or those in this individual’s family, self-isolate for two weeks and watch for symptoms.

Testing can be done if symptoms arise by calling and booking an appointment at 1-877-740-7747.

No further information is available at this time

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  1. Good know……..I see that no name or more details are given.
    I’m surprised that Contact Tracing does not require more disclosure, so that people can asses their own potential exposure……but I totally understand that discretion is also important.

    This brings up some serious questions, such as: did someone who attended this event also visit The Hub, or more importantly, Crawford Bay Market?

    Personally, I am not at all concerned, however it brings up some issues…..
    For those people locally who are really cautious and concerned about possible transmission/infectsion, it is certainly ‘food for thought’.

    1. Odds and probabilities that either the person who tested positive or one of the people they were in contact went to a grocery store? Or pub/restaurant. I hope the folks that work in these places get vaccinated really soon. Chances are, when more visitors arrive (soon), there will be more exposures. Be safe, everyone. And thanks for keeping us informed.

    2. Aside from people having to quarantine now, and get tested, my thoughts go out to businesses like the Hub & the Ladybug, which will now be closed for a couple of weeks. It’s really unfortunate for the employees and regulars. Such selfish behaviour.

  2. Why the fuck are people having a gathering of over 100 people from all over the province in our small town bubble ? It seems completely irresponsible and selfish. I’m sure this would have been shut down in Nelson in 10 minutes with the cops being called.
    We have all had reasons, funerals, weddings, etc to gather the past year but have refrained due to this pandemic what gives these people the right to affect all our lives in this negative light.
    This will also affect local businesses who are now shut down for 2 weeks and will lose 1000’s of dollars and people are out of work .
    By the way who is this individual ? How are we to know if we came in contact with them ?

    1. Agreed. And now a multitude of people in our little bubble will be trying to get tested just to make sure that they’re not passing something on to their parents or friends, even if they’ve been very responsible. Such selfish behaviour is annoying, and I also concur: now The Hub has closed (again) as a result, and their employees are off work.

      1. I applaud the local businesses that do shut down for these next two weeks. We can all show them our heartfelt appreciation by supporting them as much as possible when they reopen. They have chosen to protect us at the expense of their own livelihoods. Attending a funeral was the catalyst in this. But how many of us will openly admit we haven’t always followed the rules? Perhaps now is the time to regroup and do what is best for our community to ensure this doesn’t become a bigger problem. Social distance, wear a mask and wash your hands often.

  3. Who cares? Tons of people have had covid, far more than reported. Its not nearly as bad as originally feared, we need to stop treating it like the black death.

    1. Sorry, it is like the black death. Hundreds of thousands of people have died – what more evidence do you want? Personally, I’d rather not die of it or even get it – I know a couple of people who survived it but said they’d never been so sick in their lives and thought they were going to die. No thanks.

      1. Hundred of thousands? I do believe it is sitting at 1449 in BC. If tracing was worried they would have contact ever single individual and would have been told to isolate. So let’s not get to carried away here. I am more then 100% positive the community isn’t shutting down anytime soon! Everybody had a different experience with covid some very very sick wine nothing but the common cold symptoms. So Black Plague…. come one. Let’s again not get carried away! People need to live life. Be courteous, be safe, wash hands, keep apart, wear a mask, your sick stay home , common sense. Tearing each other apart does not help the situation!

        1. I believe the Author was pertaining to world wide not just B.C. sheesh. Quit trying to downplay this pandemic like it’s no big deal.

    2. Who cares? Wow! I wonder what it would take for you to care? You must have no friends or family nor do you live in a community full of people that you love and respect. Do you have anyone that you care for? Now imagine them dying a slow and painful death because you had to go see the fancy helicopters and hugs your friends. Or maybe someone close to you died and you were told who cares? Either way you’re numb and walking around as if nothing but you matters. Grow up.

    3. I have lost a family member to it plus others who now have lasting effects so I have a problem with this kind of blind attitude.

      1. And when you lost your family member, did you not feel the need and decency to want to say goodbye to them? To be supported by loved ones during such a difficult, heartbreaking time? Is it so wrong to want to share in a memorial of someone’s passing together with people you love? This memorial service was held OUTSIDE.

        It’s easy to blame people who attended to have a “blind attitude”. the details of this event have been assumed by most people commenting here. For those of you who were not there, keep assumptions as guesses, not fact and don’t spew your judgement so quickly…

        1. Yes of course there is a need for support. But what these people did was selfish and irresponsible to say the least. 100 people gathering from all over the province with no social distancing nor mask wearing is abhorrent. And their selfishness has led to businesses having to close and people being out fo work. And let’s not forget that this gatherings was illegal. They should all be ashamed of themselves and the damage they’ve caused.

          1. Everything that was organized was done in a covid responsible manner. If
            friends wanted to view the helicopter lift off, they were asked to do so from behind the fence in their own family bubble 6 feet from others. If they wanted to be part of the cavalcade they could but were asked to stay within their vehicles as they were If they choose to go to the cemetery on the East Shore. Masks were asked to be worn
            Joe was a volunteer for search and rescue and the fire department, a single father raising 3 very young children. He deserved to be honored and it was those organizations that wanted to do it. They are the first ones out there to help anyone, and whatever events were organized, the rules and protocol were in place. They don’t deserve to be called selfish. It was my understanding that it was a very close family member that came from the lower mainland who obviously did not know they had covid. It is unfortunate that there was contact made but it had very little to do with the memorial for Joe. Almost every single person I know of has gone to a grocery store at some point during this pandemic. They are all up and running and so are the malls and restaurants. If this person made a trip to one of these businesses, It is not the fault of the organizers of this memorial that someone may have it and could spread it. It could happen anytime, anywhere, memorial or not.

        2. Ya well how many people have not gone to see their grandparents birthdays and anniversaries in the name of trying to end the pandemic . Selfish narcissistic behaviour that has now endangered an entire community. We have all had to sacrifice group gatherings regardless of the reason they were going to happen. Can’t mourn the loss of one persons life at the potential risk of an entire community.

    4. I’m so saddened by the lack of common sense with many of the remarks. If there is a Pandemic, why are people not dropping in the streets? A mask does not stop a virus. There is so much information now on the dangers of masks. I now see the masks laying all over the ground. This so called vax being discussed? It is AN EXPERIMENT! Look it up!!!! I believe the masks have removed enough oxygen from the brain that people are no longer able to think clearly. First thing to do is turn off the TV and start to research. An excellent site to start with is http://www.thehighwire.com. Also check out globalresearch.com

      1. Two of the most fake news conspiracy filled websites on the internet! I’m saddened that this is where you go for information but I can’t fix paranoid conspiracies that create a sense of comfort, if completely false beliefs!
        You can carry on but leave the community out of it!

      2. Piss off with your conspiracy theories. As soon as someone tells me to “Do my research”, my eyes roll so goddam hard. Get a hobby other than going down ridiculous rabbit holes on the internet.

    5. How old are you? I’m 67 years old, it’s not yet my turn to be vaccinated and I am very concerned about this bad behaviour and bad attitude. And you don’t think it’s such a big deal? Easy for you to say, I guess. It’s lIkely many at the memorial service felt the same way. I do feel for the people who wish to gather and mourn together but this is not the time. Many innocent people will pay the price. I will now lock down in my home again with great anxiety for my family, friends and community. I am grateful that I can at least do that much.

      1. I’m 70 and spent two weeks not well but recovered and am fine. If you research with just a couple of the sites I’ve listed above, you will at least have a start to educating yourself on what is happening. Please know that I do not say this to be nasty but to try to wake up people to know that this is political.

  4. Selfish, entitled, & narcissistic. Fines all around, please. For those of us following the rules, this is all a huge fucking slap in the face. I’m verily disappointed, but actually not surprised.

    1. Following protocols does not always mean you won’t contract Covid. Im assuming you don’t actually know the details of regulations that were part of this event. That it was held outside dir example. If Someone in your family contracts Covid after following the rules, will you call them narcissistic, selfish and entitled? Check your judgement at the door.

      1. Check your own attitude before pointing fingers. These funeral attendees visited local businesses (not all outdoors) Some even went in search of bathroom facilities. I do find it ironic that Reds, New Keys and others didn’t feel a need to close for a few days as well? Can they assure us no one from the funeral visited their establishments? Personally my family has been following strict protocols for a year now and to have this happen while we wait in line for our vaccines and hoping for some relief, is a huge slap.

      2. You weren’t following the rules if you had a gathering of 100 people whether it was outside or not. Give your head a shake. You’re in denial. Don’t pretend that it was okay. Own your actions.

    2. Fines for what? Doing what was legal and permitted? There have been many cavalcades to honor birthdays including one this coming weekend to honor a lovely lady turning 100. What is the difference? Does honoring somebody’s life who gave so freely of himself for others any less justifiable than someone’s birthday?

  5. If people were following the protocol (wearing masks outside if not able to distance / if congregating) and not attending indoor events without masks (yes, this means you cannot eat or drink indoors safely during this time) it would be unlikely that this would be a problem. If this person shopped at the Market and everyone was wearing masks (which is required), it would probably not be an issue.

  6. Oh my. Love the language. First of all I would like to say its unfortunate that I can’t share this post with a few family members because of the the grade 6 level vulgarity that seems to make some people feel that it’s a forcefully intelligent way to ram their OPINION down ones throat.
    Not sure if there were more then a hundred people at this somber occasion like stated above, but yes this does seem ignorant in such times. I do however find it outstanding that this person has come forward at least to let everyone know. For the people that want to know the name of the person…well it’s people like you that there is a reason to keep their autonomy.
    People have to stop worrying about what others do and start thinking about what they do. I myself take a selfish stand point. If I contract Covid and test positive I can’t work. My job requires 3 negative PCR tests and 2 antigen (RDT – Rapid Diagnostic Test) before I’m even aloud to don a mask with my coworkers. So for me to really be concerned about instances like this, specifically knowing the persons name and residence, seems like a fairly moot point.
    I do wish the person who contracted Covid a speedy recover and the best of luck. For the people who may or may not get the virus from this individual I pray for the same.
    Pretty soon people are going to have to figure out how to live with this when the money runs out (where it comes from I’m no sure). This pandemic is not going to be stopped (well it’s never gunna go away) by government implemented regulations and restrictions but from us ourselves.

  7. What is done is done, how do we move forward, if anything thiss a good reminder that we are not iut if the woods yet and still need to follow COVID precauations. Everyone is responsible for themselves we are faced with hard decisions and morals and ethics showing up is impprtant being safe is thr most important. I had minimal exposure went and got tested results where negative. No point in being angry and blaming at thia point qhat is done is done how donwe move forward and what did qe learn. Thia is a good wake up cal all around.

  8. For people to say it’s “selfish” to support someone who’s family member just died by gathering with loved ones OUTSIDE are in my opinion very removed from the priorities of humanity.
    It’s unfortunate that someone contracted Covid and potentially spread it to others, but I believe if everyone takes their precautions and is accountable for their actions, we will be fine. It’s all anyone can do. We need to get off our high horse and remove the stigma and shame that people are spewing. Life continues, so do memorials and people gathering within reason. It’s selfish to me to shame someone for sharing their grief with loved ones. Get a grip on your humanity.

  9. The person who was tested positive DID NOT visit any other sites or locations besides the cemetery and park in Crawford bay. This person was outside for the entire duration of the visit.

    1. With no confirmation of who this was, and your choice to be anonymous, It’s hard to take this as fact!

    2. This is completely false. I know the person that tested positive for COVID, and personally witnessed her hugging and talking with people less than 6 feet apart at the funeral, without a mask on. She belongs to the family that held this illegal funeral, so even if SHE didn’t go to the store herself, I would be willing to bet that her family did. It’s such a shame that someone travelling from Vancouver wouldn’t get tested before attending such a big funeral. Give your head a shake. The family needs to stop spreading false news just so they don’t get in trouble… My heart goes out to joe and his family, however there was an appropriate and responsible way to hold a memorial for someone during these times, and there was no need to have such a big funeral and put so many people at risk in the process.

  10. With no confirmation of who this was, and your choice to be anonymous, It’s hard to take this as fact!

  11. I don’t know where people are getting this info about 100 people at the event. I was there and there was NOT 100 people!!!
    And before you shame me for attending a memorial of someone who died in my close family, I ask you to please reflect on whether you would not attend the memorial of a family member if it was your own….

    1. We get it, you wanted to celebrate Joe, but this was not the time. Did you socially distance? Wear a mask? Did everyone? No. There are hundreds of families in our area that have lost loved ones this year and they abstained from gathering in large numbers due to the pandemic. What makes you and your family so special that you feel it’s ok to put everyone at risk? What you guys did was selfish and to irresponsible and completely disrespectful to the community you say you love.

      1. A harsh opinion, however in this case – I couldn’t agree with you more.
        We’ve all had to make sacrifices – no weddings, funerals, birthdays, so many things. This series of memorial gatherings the family coordinated just shows the entitled attitude that is so prevalent with them, and many others in their area. Perhaps if they had to make financial compensation for the damages they’ve caused local businesses, they’d think twice next time, but frankly, I think they actually have the arrogance to feel the rules don’t apply. So much for maintaining our healthy little bubble. I hope too many other people aren’t affected by this.

        1. I know it’s harsh, and it doesn’t feel good. But unfortunately it’s our reality for now. I understand what it is to grieve, I lost a loved on this year and we decided to not have a memorial until it was safe to do so. So I Guess maybe I’m over sensitive because what these folks did feels like a slap in the face to those of us who suffered loss as well. I do feel for them, it was a tragic loss but no more of a loss than anyone else has suffered this year. 🙁

      2. I lost one of best friends in July and the family STILL hasn’t had a gathering, as much as we all want to!
        That’s how you can grieve and remember someone.

      3. It was responsibly organized and all protocols were in place. Unfortunately any one of can just go into a grocery store and pick it up easier than participating in this memorial.

    2. There are hundreds of families affected by sudden tragic losses that have followed the rules, had the Max of 10 people at a memorial and invited others by zoom. I have heard there was no physical distancing or mask wearing at this event and that there was plenty of alcohol and illicit substance use…..making people likely even more loose with the protocols. Be interested to see the numbers in our area over the next two weeks

    3. I would probably organize an online funeral LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAD TO! Why is your loved one more important than all of the other loved ones that have passed? Why is this persons memorial more important than anyone else’s who were bound by these rules? Own your actions. Don’t deny that that the rules were broken.

  12. Current guidelines are very clear! No non-essential travel.

    Current travel advisory
    At this time, all non-essential travel should be avoided. This includes travel into and out of B.C. and between regions of the province. For example:
    Do not travel for a vacation
    Do not travel to visit friends or family outside of your household or core bubble

  13. These people did not make any concessions. Now everyone who has been making concessions all along, have to make EVEN MORE because of this. I particularly feel bad for the businesses who will suffer loss of income, loss of investment (spoiled food) employees who will suffer lost wages, diners who can’t go out to a dinner for the next two weeks (while PRACTICING PROTOCOLS) People who can’t have a coffee at the ferry, the strain on the health care system with everyone panic testing. I wonder, if you tally all this up, what the cost would be. Is this family’s need to have a huge gathering in order to grieve more important than everyone else’s needs?

  14. The female in question who since the funeral has recieved a positive covid test, was totally unaware and was showing no signs of any symptoms prior to arriving back in Vancouver. I personally did not attend the funeral because i am immune compromised but a family member did and they point blank said that the female in question was indeed wearing a mask the whole time they were there. There have no been 3 positive tests relating to people who attended the occasion none of whom live on the east shore. I wish all concerned a speedy recovery and i’m saddened at the loss of Joe, a good man and a great father and my thoughts go out to the family for their loss. We have been spared the brunt of this pandemic, living in our beautiful bubble here on the east shore. Instead of finger pointing, we should all learn that we are not immune to this covid and this eye opener for us east shore residents should be reflected in the choices we make from here on in with regards to social distancing, masks and our contact bubbles. Our decisions dont just effect us, things spiral so quickly and my wish is that we learn and think before we act to keep our selves, loved ones and community safe and covid free. Vaccinations taking place in our community right now, if you havent already, sign up and help keep us all safe. And a big thank you to Ingrid and Gala for getting the truth out to the community through the Main Street newspaper

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CefaYs_pFs&t=4s (see link to Bonny Henry changing her narrative about masks )
    Brought to you by the same people who recommend a multitude of inoculations for babies before the age of six months, who told you that breastfeeding your baby was outmoded, who told you that fluoride was good for you, who told you that Nelsons own hospital needed to be rebuilt because it was too old, and yet when it was built considerations for expansions in the future had been considered and facilitated .So based on my studies about the Government, its so-called health care business and its promoters and agents best to use common sense than to trust all that comes from the mouths of “Canada’s own CBC” and for that matter any of the abc media outlets, and based on some of the narratives here, commonsense seems to have been made not so common.

  16. I have sorrow as I read the angry, hate filled comments of so many. I am not Christian, but as we enter this week of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and the huge example of how horrible and far scapegoating can go, up to and including murder, based on fear, confusion, misinformation and our own uncared for shadows, I am sad that 2000 years later we don’t seem to have advanced very far when it comes to fear, our need to feel protected and what lengths we will go to in order to “think” we are finally safe. Hating, fearing and putting others down seems to hold us together so that we can victoriously say, “my group is right”, which makes everyone else wrong. Being a senior citizen, with a wife with a terminal illness, and me with my own health conditions, I weep sometimes at the separation and isolation that is being so strongly advocated, and how we end up treating each other, feeling perfectly justified and even right in doing so. I moved to the east shore believing that there might be a different energy here. Perhaps I have been mistaken. I have sorrow for me and for all of us. Anonymous community member and wife.

  17. Here’s what I don’t get.
    We didn’t hear this kind of vehement judgmental spewing when tourists (aka strangers not of our bubble) from every major centre within driving distance descended upon us last summer – and will again this summer. And yet people feel justified to do it here. Seriously?
    I’ll bet all these condescending but safely “anonymous” commenters won’t be as vocal standing face to face with the cash laden hundreds of tourists from the city arriving here this summer. Much easier to anonymously beat up a grieving family.

  18. There is a way to alleviate stress around the situation. By putting out the information. I wish that one of the core members of the family would address this community with their name attached to the statement in a public format that could give the facts therefore people can take necessary precautions of quarantining as well as be relieved of stress. There are rumours swirling around that someone in Gray Creek now has it. And this is stressing a lot of people out. No one wants to get this so we should not shame people who have contracted it. I honestly can say if I get it which is a possibility for every single one of us, I will put out a public statement so people can take necessary action if needed because that is what you need to do to protect your community and society at large. At this point I do think the family has the responsibility to give the community the facts. Ignorance creates fear and fear creates anger . I am not marginalizing your grief at this time. That is not my intent, I lost my own brother during Covid. Transparency, testing, tracking and tracing are the way that we can try to control this situation. Please find the strength to inform us ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Mob funerals often have this kind of controversy, I’m sure the FBI was there taking photos

  20. Smack talkin key boarder warriors.
    At least have the balls to use your real name and stand behind your words..

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Ryan. Using anonymity on the web automatically says to me that people wouldn’t consider saying these words out loud. If they have any other reason for remaining anonymous, they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

  21. I’m 70 and spent two weeks not well but recovered and am fine. If you research with just a couple of the sites I’ve listed above, you will at least have a start to educating yourself on what is happening. Please know that I do not say this to be nasty but to try to wake up people to know that this is political.

    1. Judy! Please stop promoting nasty, paranoid websites to promote your beliefs!.
      You say you spent 2 weeks not well. Were you tested for covid or assumed because you didn’t feel well?
      This is dangerous territory you’re encouraging people to travel down!

    2. Piss off already! Viruses are NOT political, ya doofus!. Nobody should give even a second of their time to the BS Websites you are promoting.

  22. After reading everyones comments, I feel I would like to say something.
    Correct me if I’m wrong… but I think what the community is trying to say to the English family, is that it was a very unconscious decision to invite hundreds of people to a memorial when ALL of us, and I mean ALL of us, are suffering, or hurting, making incredible sacrifices, or mourning in our own lives. So many of us have adhered to the regulations and have chosen to mourn quietly and respectfully over the past year, and it has NOT been easy.
    Nobody is saying you should not have celebrated his amazing life, their just saying the WAY in which you did, was very insensitive towards the entire community.
    I have lost 3 relatives and friends that I love very much over the past year, and in fact one was just last week, and although I want desperately to share in the grieving with others next week at his memorial, I am choosing to mourn privately for the better of all.

    Last year, in August of 2020, I gathered 50 people publicly outdoors. And as by law, I knew the time of each persons arrival, their contact, and time of departure. That was the law.
    Currently outdoor public gatherings is at a maximum of 10.
    If we set all emotions aside, the fact is, that laws were broken and now many people in the community are angry because lives and livelihoods are at risk, and NOBODY needs more fear, or risk in their lives at this time!!

    I strongly feel, and suggest that the family should write a written apology and donate at least $1000.00 to each of the businesses (in good will), that have have been further financially compromised as a result of this situation.
    And I strongly believe that the family should acknowledge in the apology that the size of the gathering was wrong, unacceptable, and lacking in good judgment, due to the fact we are in the first year of a global pandemic!
    We can all grow, forgive and move forward, but I do believe apologies are in order.
    With all respect, I don’t think Joe would have ever wanted to be remembered this way.

    Sending love to the family of the deceased, and support to those effected by the gathering!


    1. It was responsibly organized and all protocols were in place. Unfortunately any one of can just go into a grocery store and pick it up easier than participating in this memorial. What laws were broken? This was organized as a vehicle cavalcade event. If that is illegal, then have been thousands of illegal cavalcade. There is one scheduled this weekend to honor the 100th birthday of a lovely lady who also always contributed to her community. Is that illegal?

  23. So… now we are up to hundreds of people? This comment section is like a game of telephone in elementary school.

    Quit making weird things up. Not helping.

  24. I am finding it harder to show compassion to those who choose fear over facts, in spite of much evidence available. That most listen to the Media of Smoke and Mirrors, in particular the Covid Broadcasting Corporation, to receive their “news” is very disheartening. I, like many of my friends, have looked into this quite a bit. Bonnie flip flops like a fish, the WHO and CDC are in the pocket of doctor Bill Gates who stands to make a fortune from’ vaccinating the world’. What is most concerning is mass hysteria caused by narratives that are sowing this fear. and suspicion. Now there are witch hunts and monitoring and shaming and blaming. Our neighbours are now judges and juries. This nasty little virus has done much to spread dissension. I would enjoy people sharing information about food, exercise, sleep, vitamins/minerals and prevention rather than jumping on the jab like it’s the second coming. Of the .01% of deaths, many were elderly with more than 1 comorbidity. we owe it to ourselves to keep our old/vulnerable ones safe. and still to carry on with our lives; gathering to honour our dead, assembling in our faith communities and supporting ourselves with work to look after our families. and towns.
    The ones who recognize the fear mongering I have found to be quite calm as they come to their own realizations as to what is really going on. Painting people as conspiracy theorists because they checked sources other than Global News is ad hominem at best and just lazy and uninformed. I am sure we can all do better than that.
    *Look intoJ Judy Mikovits, Knut Wittkowski, john Ionnidis,, Sucharit Bhakdi actual scientists speaking out about how this thing has been over-reacted to.
    Also the doctors and nurses coalitions worldwide who are speaking out, one name off the top of my head is Dolores Cahill.
    I urge those who point fingers to do some research of their own and to think for themselves.
    Blessings to everyone

    1. You know what is really dumb? Believing in ridiculously intricate, globally coordinated conspiracies, involving billionaires, governments of the world, all media (except of course youtubers), global elites, heath organizations on a local, regional, national and global level, virologists, epidemiologists, the entire global medical community, to spread lies about a phony virus. Like, give me a goddam break!!! Do you not have critical thinking skills at all? Do you not see the utter nonsense in what you are spouting? Piss off already!!!

  25. I’ve read it many times on here. The fact is it was an illegal gathering and everyone attending knew it. I lost my Sister this month and due to the 10 person gathering rule we have chosen to wait for now until friends and family can come together safely. It’s a tough thing to do; but it’s how things need to be for now. Take your Bill Gates b.s. and the rest of your conspiracy crap and GO HOME. No one is interested in hearing it anymore.

    1. Just because you say “the fact is” before your opinion, doesn’t actually make it a fact. It’s very much still just your opinion. Following it up with bully like statements makes you that much less credible.

      1. Ryan – her ‘fact’ truly is a fact. It was an illegal gathering pure and simple. It does not matter if you and the family agree with the Provincial Health Orders or not. Everyone attending out the lives of other in danger , based on the ‘need’ to get together for someone who was already dead. So great … now more people risk death , and other families have to deal with that because of all these people’s selfishness ?
        It’s crap. A special ‘ FU ‘ to those that attended from the Nelson shelter ( thanks Nelson Cares,…. ) that staff members attended , and now are out working with the vulnerable population in Nelson.

        1. “It doesn’t matter what you think… it only matters what I think… and my opinion…blah blah blah… wah wah”

          Don’t worry Dave… once the dust settles I am sure you will find something else to blame your discontented life on.


          You sound like a child.

          Peace and blessings.

          1. You attended this service so of course you are on here attacking those who are frustrated… you chose to take selfie’s not socially distanced disrespecting this whole community you seem to preach you care so deeply about! You trying to attack the people on here who are pissed off is the pathetic part! I lost a close one and am still waiting to celebrate their life because I have respect for others!
            There is no way around the fact that this family messed up by initiating a large gathering for a loved one! Quit attacking people who are frustrated!

  26. Thanks for looking me up. Glad I piqued your interest. I did in fact take a selfie.. with someone who is currently in my social bubble because our kids do programs together.. thanks for point that out. So easy to have a heavy opinion and not attach you name to it…

    Religious gatherings of 50 are currently allowed. I would say it was a lot closer to 50 than the “hundreds” people are blowing it out of proportion to be.

    The family laid out all the guidelines to be respected. As seen in the posts.

    I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you can honour them soon, in a safe manner.

    Have a wonderful day.

  27. I’ve said what I feel. I’ve put entirely too much time into this. I wish you all the best. Love and blessings. Stay safe. Take care of eachother

  28. It’s obvious that this whole scenario has really hit a nerve. I’m saddened to see so many anonymous posts, as I suspect most people are expressing things they’d never say to their neighbours’ face.
    Very few of us will test positive, and much fewer of us people will have symptoms, face serious illness or death.
    I’m seeing one thing very clearly: Everyone is suffering from some degree of ill mental health related to this virus – People are dealing with loneliness, fear, frustration, loss, uncertainty, stress, anxiety and depression.
    I truly hope that this community can move forward, and not cling to this specific drama. We need to be kind and respectful with each other, so that we foster a sense of connection, rather than a sense of powerless independence.
    During the past year, I’ve gained a whole new sense of gratitude for where and how we live here. Let’s try and assist one another through these unprecedented and challenging times.

  29. Very well said Will. I apologize for allowing my emotions to run my comments and reacting instead of responding. I pray that this does not cause wide spread harm to the community. It’s been along haul and this is a reminder that we aren’t there yet. I look forward to the day we are and we can come together and celebrate positives.

    Much love everyone.

    1. a w e s o m e to hear your positive vibes Ry…………….we will get there…..

  30. Thanks Will, for your good heart. I’m with you for moving forward with kindness and assisting each other.

    1. Yeah Lea, we are navigating difficult ‘relationships’, the toughest ships on the seas

  31. Thank you Gabe. However, that does not address the issue of your family choosing to have a mass gathering which is in complete contravention of provincial guidelines, the danger that the gathering places the community nor the issue of certain family member publicly denying/lying about the fact a COVID positive person was at the funeral. So sorry for your loss.

    1. Hi. I’m not related to the family that had the funeral nor was I there but I thank you for the kind thoughts. My comment was solely in regard to the use of anonymous ids on social media, particularly when those ids are used to hide while making unkind and sometimes hate filled comments. I’ve always believed that if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, you sure shouldn’t say it on the web. I just hope that the community recovers both physically and spiritually from this event.

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