In the words of one of our wonderful Hall Directors, Will Chapman:

We all love our hall – the centre of our community for over 100 years. It’s such a centre for so many activities of our lives: concerts, anniversaries, weddings, wakes, yoga, workshops, children’s music classes, art classes, etc.

Over the past couple of years, the hall has been getting a lot of revenue from weddings, etc., which allows us to continue to do a series of ongoing upgrades and keep it available for local workshops, for almost no charge – by donation.

The hall is there when we need it, and never asks anything of us in return. Now, it’s time to give back.

Raise the Roof

Please come out this weekend. See some entertainment, have a bite, and help raise money toward a the new roof it needs. Feel free to bring cash or a cheque to donate, above and beyond the admission fee. It will be much appreciated, and a great investment in our community future.

This Saturday, June 18, the Gray Creek Hall will fill to the seams with music, laughter, silliness and art and the community is invited to come and bathe in it, and hopefully help raise some serious funds for a new roof.  The party starts at 8pm with:

  • Improv Theatre by members of the Hexagon Players and friends
  • Live Music (various local performers)
  • Stand Up Comedy with Paul Hindson
  • Dancing with DJ Will D’Beats
  • Pizza and Salad for purchase
  • And much more!

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