For immediate release – February 23, 2021

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RDCK Emergency Management Bylaw Amended

The Board amended the RDCK Emergency Management Bylaw to keep current with the Provincial approach to emergency management. The amended bylaw includes the addition of mitigation as a critical pillar of the emergency program to reduce risk during flooding and wildfire season and changing the definition of Emergency to include priorities beyond life and property, such as significant indigenous cultural sites. These changes will help support actions aimed at adapting to climate change.

Nelson Cycling Club to Receive $20,000 for Infrastructure Updates

The Board approved a one time grant contribution to the Nelson Cycling Club in the amount of $20,000. The funds will be used to improve the outdoor infrastructure, including the ongoing maintenance and management of local trails within the area, with an emphasis on Morning Mountain Regional Park.

Castlegar & District Community Complex Child Care Centre Project

The Board approved the Castlegar & District Community Complex Child Care Centre Project team to undertake the procurement, negotiation and awarding of the construction contract for the building of the new child care centre. Announced at the end of January, the child care facility will be built on the grounds of the Castlegar & District Community Complex and will provide 30 new child care spaces for local families. The centre is expected to open in September 2021.

Kootenay Lake Local Conservation to Fund 2021 Projects

The Board approved the release of $71,000 in grant funds from the Kootenay Lake Local Conservation Fund to be spread among eight different projects. To be eligible for funding, all projects have to address one of the International Union for Conservation of Nature threats to biodiversity. The projects include the Harrop Wetland Restoration Project, Land securement for conservation purposes at Cottonwood Lake, Habitat restoration for beavers along the Duncan Lardeau River flood plains, and the North Kootenay Lake Water Monitoring Project.

CIP/AAP Grant Program Community Engagement

The Board approved the use of an online engagement tool for all RDCK communities to achieve feedback into the award of the Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs (CIP/AAP) funding. Community input is an important component of the CIP/AAP program; however, due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the normal in-person community meetings are not possible. The online engagement tool link will be posted on the RDCK website in the first two weeks of April.

Four RDCK Fire Departments to Receive New Water Tender Trucks

The Board  approved the purchase of four new fire service water tenders (a fire truck that specializes in the transport of water from a water source to a fire source), one each for the Balfour Harrop Fire Department, Blewett Fire Department, Slocan Fire Department and Winlaw Fire Department. This is crucial fire service infrastructure that will replace older frontline fire apparatus and help in the protection of local communities in the RDCK.

RDCK Commits to Fund Rural Organics Collection Program

The Board commits to contributing to the implementation of curbside organics collection programs in portions of the RDCK to support organics diversion. This summer the RDCK will be constructing compost facilities in Creston and Salmo to process organics from residential and commercial sources. The RDCK will be partially funding start up costs such as containers and education for municipal curbside organics collection programs expected to start in Creston in 2021 and Castlegar and Nelson in 2022.

This spring the RDCK will be consulting with residents on expansion of curbside collection into nearby, high density rural areas, which if implemented would see similar start up cost support. These programs will be significant steps to reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the RDCK.

Discretionary Grant

AREA A                                                                                       

Wynndel Community Centre – Build Playground: $2,000

AREA B                                                                                       

Creston Lions Club – Roadside Cleanup: $1,000

AREA E                                                                                       

Nelson District Riding Club – Jump Arena and Wildfire Mitigation: $4,000

West Kootenay Regional Arts – Bent on Art Festival: $500

AREA F                                                                                       

RDCK Service 292 – Kootenay Lake Conservation: $3,000

AREA G                                                                                      

Salmo Community Resources Society – Harvest Share: $500

AREA H                                                                                       

Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society – Volunteer Recognition: $1,500

Community Development Grant

AREA D                                                                                       

Kaslo Outdoor Recreation – Purchase Ski Equipment: $500

AREA E                                                                                       

RDCK S121 – Advisory Planning Commission: $6,000

AREA G                                                                                      

Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers – Douglas Fir Beetle Detract: $1,800

AREA K                                                                                       

Arrow Slocan Lakes Community Services – Nakusp Storefront: $20,000

Nakusp Area Development Board – Executive Director Position: $10,000

KASLO -Village of Kaslo – Events Committee: $1,000

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