Riondel Rescue Fire & Blotter

September is upon us which brings back school for our young, and teenage folk in the shire and beyond. With that comes a reminder that it also brings the school buses to our roads with multiple stops to transport our children to and from their learning centers. Remember, the flashy stop signs (there are multiple that pop out) aren’t a suggestion, neither is the speed limit in school or playground zones. School zone speed limits are 30 km/h between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise posted. In playground zones, a 30 km/hr speed limit is in effect from dawn to dusk, 365 days of the year. If a School Bus Operator witnesses you pass while stopped and can get your license plate, you will be found and fined. Fines can run from $253.00 and $369.00 or more for repeat offenders; but the cost of harming one of our young beings or worse… slow down and be safe.

August has been a busy month for us, here are our calls to date:

July 29 – An early morning medical incident in Crawford Bay had 4 members responding to assist when they were stood down by the Paramedics on scene. 

July 31 – A serious medical emergency in Crawford Bay had 4 members respond to assess and assist with patient care and movement. The crew assisted our local Paramedics to quickly secure and move the patient to the ambulance where 1 Fire member joined the Paramedics to help with patient care on route to hospital. The member was returned home safely when the ambulance returned.  

August 2 – 6 members responded to a medical incident in Kootenay Bay. The crew assessed the patient and the situation and determined that the patient was stable and wished to remain at home.  As our local Paramedics were preoccupied, the Creston ambulance had been dispatched but was stood down before leaving Creston.

August 4 – A serious motor vehicle incident in Gray Creek had 6 members respond to assist with scene management and patient care. Three vehicles were involved with a total of 4 people. It appears a car traveling south crossed the center line around a corner, slamming into the front wheel of a flat deck delivery truck; the car then spun around and struck a pickup truck towing a camper, forcing the truck and its tag along into the ditch. The occupants of the car received minor injuries not requiring transport while the other drivers reported being fine at the time. The highway was shut down for approximately 2 hours while RCMP conducted an initial investigation; our crew handed the scene to the RCMP and returned to quarters.  

August 5 – 4 members responded to an emergency lift assist in Riondel for a serious incident that possibly warranted a medivac, or helicopter with advanced care for transport. As BCEHS dispatch searched for an available air resource, the ambulance took the patient to Kootenay Bay to wait for either a helicopter or another crew from Nelson; our members followed if a landing zone was required. Dr Sparrow from KERPA was brought to Balfour where he took over patient care with a Nelson crew.

August 8 – A medical incident in Kootenay Bay had 5 members respond to assess and assist with patient care. When the crew arrived, the patient’s situation had resolved, and they made alternate plans to get checked out. Always remember, when in doubt call 911. You can always thank the crew for checking on you and not get transported to hospital depending on the situation.

August 9 – 6 members responded to a medical emergency in Crawford Bay. As our local Paramedics were on a rest period the crew waited for the Creston ambulance to arrive and assessed the patient while waiting.

August 9 – An early morning medical incident had 6 members respond to Kootenay Bay. A medical device failed on a patient creating an emergency. The crew was able to assist the patient with the machine, solving the mechanical and medical issues.

August 10 – 6 members returned to Kootenay Bay for a medical emergency. The crew assessed the patient and assisted with movement to the ambulance.

August 10 – A medical incident in Riondel had 3 members respond to assist. The crew waited while the patient was assessed by Paramedics and then returned to service when they were not required.

August 13 – As our crew was winding down from a department BBQ on the beach, a call for a motor vehicle rollover in Boswell had 6 members quickly unload tables and chairs from the Rescue truck and respond. The Boswell First Responders and Creston ambulance were on scene and did not require assistance, the crew returned to the station.

August 14 – 3 members responded to a medical emergency on Riondel Rd. The crew assisted with patient movement to the ambulance for transport.

August 16 – A person who went fishing on a boat in the daylight who had not returned by night fall caused alarm for the family resulting in a call for a missing boater in Pilot Bay. The event had 7 members respond to assess the situation from the shore. As our department does not have water rescue capabilities or training, Balfour Fire Department was called for mutual aid with their rescue boat. Two Riondel members arrived on scene prior to the remaining members to find the boat returning to the dock, all crew responding were called off and returned home.

August 18 – 5 members responded to a medical incident in Pilot Bay. The crew assisted Paramedics with patient movement to the ambulance.

August 18 – A visitor near pebble beach north of Riondel heard an explosion and witnessed a subsequent “smoke” plume arise and called it in. Fire dispatch was able to connect the caller with the Fire Chief and through discussion it was agreed that what he saw was a logging company blasting a road for their operations. The 4 members responding stood down and the caller agreed to keep an eye out for any smoke while they remained in the area.

August 21 – A medical emergency in Riondel had 3 members respond. The crew waited while Paramedics assessed the situation and when transport was not required the crew stood down.

August 26 – 3 members responded to a call for a campfire at Power Lines beach. Members hiked down to the beach and found many people camping but no fire; it is suspected that the fire was put out before we arrived.

As September also brings colder evenings and milder days. We’d like to send out our yearly reminder to have those chimneys cleaned and readied for warmth to flow and have the flu cleaned out; prepare your baseboards by removing any items on or around them, lift blinds and maybe a quick dust to avoid that burning dust smell, move furniture back into “winter mode” away from heaters; check your smoke alarms, even Fire Fighters need reminding every now and then to check. 

Thursday evenings, it’s time to come and meet a great group of peeps and join our team of professional volunteers. We meet every Thursday night from 7PM–9PM at the fire hall in Riondel. Go online to and fill out the application, hope to see you at practice soon!