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  1. Dear Editor, East Shore Friends and Co-Workers,
    MOTI is planning hourly round-trip sailings from Queens Bay to Kootenay Bay. Problematic is MOTI does NOT plan to add any more sailings. That means for 10 months of the year Kootenay Lake gets 10 hours of ferry service!! THAT would be disastrous for ambulatory service for the East Shore, not to mention terribly inconvenient for commuters.

    Without a back-up ferry the East Shore will get no service when the Osprey goes down. With shorter sailing times and hourly sailings semi-truck traffic will increase. That means less room for regular vehicles on the ferry.

    What we need is a ferry schedule that works for the people!! For most on the East Shore the extra five minutes of sailing isn’t the problem; it’s the inconvenient schedule. We need a new, smaller ferry (say 50-60 cars) to run to and from Balfour. Use the Osprey 2000 as a back-up ferry, so there is always room. And we keep the current 16-17 hours of service, making some scheduling modifications to better suit the people that live and work here.

    Please note: There is no budget currently allocated for a barge. The barge concept involves moving the barge from numerous crossings around the province. So who gets the barge when two crossings have ferry problems? What happens for break-downs when the barge is at another location? With the Osprey going for major dry dock renovations in 2023, is a barge going to be sufficient transportation for months on end? In order to move around BC’s road system, how tiny is that barge going to be? How many cars will it actually hold? How many logging trucks will it carry at a time? What about safety? How much will it cost to move the barge around the province?

    The barge is an ill-conceived, expensive, and a logistical nightmare. Kootenay Lake needs a second ferry.

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