This is an important notice regarding the Gray Creek Pass and some detrimental changes we might see due to its current and potentially continuing closure.

Tom Lymbery of the Gray Creek Store reports that Tina Zimmerman, the engineer in charge of repairs to the pass road, has explained that they may not be able to open the Gray Creek/Kimberley Pass road this year unless urgent funding is obtained in order to do some serious repair to a slide/washout that has damaged the road a distance up the Gray Creek side.

So far this year, one ATV has come across the pass, but fellow travelers had to turn back. The nearly impassable spot is a good distance up and it is important that funds are allocated to a reparation project.

Tom states that he has often estimated that on a busy holiday weekend in the summer, upwards of 100 vehicles can come over that pass road to spend their visitor’s dollars in our East Shore businesses. This is a substantial amount of potential tourism dollars that could be lost if this road isn’t repaired.

It is asked that residents email our MLA, Michelle Mungall, asking for this funding to be approved as it is a vital connecting road between the East and West Kootenays and into our community, particularly in the summer season.

To send your thoughts to our MLA, send an email to Michelle Mungall at or by regular mail or in person to: #204 – 402 Baker Street, Nelson, BC , V1L 4H8.  Phone: 250.354.5944

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