urgentUrgent Request for Letters of Support

by Anna Rose

Our Community Health Nurse, Mary Donald, was informed on January 31st by her immediate supervisor, Cydney Higgins, that her position will be terminated on March 31st.  This represents a drastic reduction in the quality of health care for the East Shore.  For nearly twelve years, these are some of the things Mary has done for us:

Cydney Higgins stated that Mary would be given alternative work in the Nelson.  She suggested that nurses from Nelson may be sent here occasionally for some home visits (with IHA now paying their travel time).  How does such a meager, inefficient substitution fit with the IHA’s talk of “setting new standards of excellence in the delivery of health services” and their self-congratulations when they put together a “Primary Health Care Centre” like what we’ve had to date, in other places?

Please tell the following people WE NEED OUR COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE, with no reduction in her role or hours.  Kaslo recently saved its emergency services by speaking up – we can keep our nursing service.  Act quickly!

1.  Cydney Higgins, Community Integrated Health Services Manager (Nelson, Kootenay and Arrow Lakes).  Fax (250) 352-1405  Email cydney.higgins@interiorhealth.ca

2.  Cheryl Whittleton, CIHS Administrator for Kootenay Boundary.  Fax (250) 365-4344 Email cheryl.wittleton@interiorhealth.ca

3.  Dr. Andrew Neuner, VP CHIS, Interior Health Authority.  Fax (250) 851-7400 (Kelowna)  Email andrew.neuner@interiorhealth.ca

4.  Dr. Robert Halpenny, CEO of Interior Health Authority.  Fax (250) 862-4201 (Kelowna)  Email robert.halpenny@interiorhealth.ca

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