Although summer has just begun, one of the challenges for the Selkirk Coordinator is the need to get the fall courses set up and ready for the Selkirk calendar by May 24th.

Laverne needs your help!  If you have an idea for a course, would like to teach a course, would like to meet and talk/act around interests or issues- Please let her know soon.

Here is what the Learning Hub can offer:

So far, since the Learning Hub started in September 2013, they have had 65 courses run and approximately 400 students (including repeats).  This, in a climate of not much disposable income.  Not too bad, eh?

If you are a business or a non-profit that employs staff, you may be eligible for a Canada Job Grant.  Ask Laverne about this.  They can also do contracts for just your group as needed.

Speak up!  Let the Learning Hub know what you need. Not for profit help?, Business help? Personal interests? Recreation? Safety or First Aid training?


Contact: Laverne M. Booth, Community Education Coordinator, Selkirk College/ East Shore Learning Hub

Box 100, Crawford Bay, BC, V0B 1E0

Phone: 250-227-9218 ext 5518

Cell: 250-551-5827

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