In case you’ve missed the notifications, no agreement has been reached between the Ministry of Education and the BC Teachers Federation, so at this point, there is no school starting up on September 2. It will be a day by day thing, so stay connected and watch sites like for further developments.

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BCTF Strike Update

August 29, 2014

We remain hopeful that an agreement will be reached in the dispute between the BCTF and the Ministry.

However, even if an agreement is reached over the weekend, we will not be able to open our schools for instruction on Tuesday in order to allow time for necessary organization and preparation.

Therefore, our 2014-2015 school year opening will be delayed.

Please continue to watch this website, listen to the media and watch for letters from me regarding a revised schedule for the school year to commence.

From Earlier:

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August 26, 2014

To Our SD8 Community

Many parents and caregivers have been contacting us anxiously wondering when
school will be starting for the 2014-2015 school year. We are hopeful that our schools will be open on September 2 and that our 2014-2015 school year will commence.

At the time of writing, a negotiated agreement has not been reached between the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and the Ministry and our teachers remain on strike.

While we are planning for schools to be open on September 2nd, we also need to be prepared should an agreement not be reached. In the event that the strike continues, we will not be able to operate our schools.

We will continue to communicate via our website (, and we encourage you to listen carefully to the media for any announcements regarding these circumstances.

The school district website, Facebook and Twitter accounts will be updated as more information becomes available.

Jeff Jones
Superintendent of Schools/CEO

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