You are an Asset!

by Laverne Booth

We finally got it right, just as we wind up the Asset Based Rural Development project on March 16 at the Opportunities for Action Forum at the school in Crawford Bay.   It is the people- the individuals, each with  skills and experience, who are the real assets of Area A.

Who looks after the community halls?  Who keeps the Lions Club going cooking hamburgers at events and counting our cans to raise money for good local and international causes?  Who keeps the youth engaged, and the seniors busy?  Who organizes and trains the First Responders and runs the health society? Who runs the fitness centre?  Who meets as the early childhood council EASEY ? Who sits on the Economic Development Commission, Rec 9 and the Area Planning Council?  Who keeps our internet service going?  Who organizes Starbelly Jam and Tipi Camp?  Who is making the music?  Who is doing community theatre?   YOU ARE!

You are individuals giving of your time, attention and caring to look after the social infrastructure of our communities.  Your creativity and energy makes our communities healthy and beautiful.   Volunteers are the people who are engaged, usually enjoying themselves,  helping to preserve what we have here on the East Shore/Wynndel area of Kootenay Lake, and working together to shape our bright future.

You are the people who are invited to attend the day long event on March 16 where we dive deep into what we already have (our assets), and where we want to go as a large Area A community- who we want to have as neighbours and what actions can we take together.  This is a time and place to express yourself.

The event starts at 9:30 am with writer Luanne Armstrong spinning some turbulent, topsy turvy East Shore communities stories from her upcoming book Shorelines.  You are invited to tell your newcomer story, and share your issues and dreams for your home community.  Meet some of the service providers and funders for the area, ponder together how we can improve what we already do well.

Resident citizens will hear about new initiatives, display any project ideas you have,  and choose an action to get behind even if it is only 30/30.  30 minutes a month.  Perhaps you are interested in a study group. There is no pressure to get involved- just wanting to empower residents to create the  future we want for ourselves, our families, the children, our world.

We are planning to feed 100 people.  REGISTER NOW!

Email  or text/call 250-551-6020 to get a form, set up child care or access ride sharing.





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