Please be on the lookout for Jackson Wilkinson. He went missing from the Riondel area sometime in the night of October 11th or the morning of October 12th. The family is desperate to locate him and appreciates any help.

Jackson’s disappearance coincides with a troubling Facebook post in which he talks about his past and trouble he’s faced. The family is asking for everyone to be watching for signs of Jackson who may have left the area by hitchhiking.

A family member wrote in a Facebook post: BOLO To all my friend in East and West Kootenays and the Calgary area please keep an eye out for this young man his name is Jackson Wilkinson. Please share far and near so we can get him to safety. Please contact Lana Wilkinson at 250-432-9800. HE NEEDS TO KNOW HE ISN’T ALONE IN THIS WORLD AND PEOPLE LOVE HIM. He went missing from Riondel, BC and could be heading anywhere by walking or hitchhiking.

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