The banner ad (top of page) is offered at the following size: 

  • Desktop/table size would be 1200wX200t pixels
  • Tablet/mobile size would be 600wX300t pixels

If you would like to put an ad in this space (top of page, right below menu) both sizes should be prepared and sent in. You’ll have an ad for whatever screen is used to view, but only pay the one ad charge.

If you only send one size, it will not translate to other screen sizes well, so best to design and send both. The 350X350 sidebar ads are an option as well.  The prices are as follows:

  • Banner Ad: $40/week, $125/month
  • Side Bar Ad: $30/week, $85/month

Community Support Needed

Sweet community,
On the evening of January 24 and again on the morning of January 26, our lovely Mandy Petrie was broadsided by strokes. She was taken to hospital by ambulance, first to Creston, then Cranbrook, and then airlifted to the ICU in Kelowna. She will be in the hospital until at least February 7, for more testing.
She needs our help and support at this time, to see her through her recovery, help pay her bills, and keep her and her boy Benji afloat while she is unable to work. Mandy is one of our community creatives, a photographer, and a dear friend and inspiration to many of us.
You will have seen her working at Crawford Bay store, participating in some of the Hexagon player theatre productions, or walking the wetlands taking her beautiful photos of crows for the calendars she produces.
Complicating things is a move at the end of March from her present residence.
If you feel you can help Mandy and her boy in any way, she would be so grateful.

If you don’t do the credit card thing, etransfers can be sent directly to pixiepetrie at yahoo dot ca. If you feel you can assist in any way with the move, you can contact me at michellamoss at gmail dot com.

This community is a thing of wonder. We all appreciate how much we are there for each other. Thank you for caring.