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Horoscope for April 2024 

Tip of the Month:

In a Universal 8 Year, April is a 12/3 month – symbolic of breaking old patterns and replacing them with new and updated perspectives and approaches. 12 refers to ‘The Hanged Man’ in the Tarot and is of course also associated with Pisces, the 12th Sign of the Zodiac. It should be noted that the image does not portray an executed person, as with a hanging by the neck. Rather, the hanging is intentional and volitional as with choosing to see the world differently which can be done simply by looking at reality upside down. The results can be quite significant in terms of our usual perspectives. The Hanged Man is associated especially with Neptune, the ruling planet for Pisces. 

Astrologically, the big news is the much-discussed Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 and the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on April 20, just hours after the Sun enters Taurus. The influence of an eclipse of the Sun generally lasts for about six months, but it’s destined impact can come about much sooner if it activates loaded aspects on a person’s chart. The influence of the conjunction is much longer. Such seed events really mark important turning points that might be effectively said to manifest as permanent changes. However, in terms of its exact cycle, it will last about 14 years! The key points will be when Jupiter is square and then opposing Uranus during this period.

The Bigger Picture for April 2024

In the bigger picture for April, the long-anticipated conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus on April 20 just hours after the Sun enters Taurus indicates an eventful month. The most likely result is less likely to be fantastic events, but rather the disintegration of the social order. Although change and endings can and do often prove difficult for some, it is good to keep in mind that life happens ‘FOR’ us and not ‘TO’ us. This can help to activate your intuitions and protect you from succumbing to your imagination-driven instincts alone.

The Great American Eclipse – April 8, 2024

The 4 Major Features of a Solar Eclipse

1.      The Saros Cycle

2.      The Eclipse Path

3.      Conjunctions to Fixed Stars

4.      Hard Aspects to the Sun and Between Other Planets

5.      How the Eclipse Chart as a Whole Impacts Any Given Individual

The Saros Cycle

The scope and timespan of eclipses is much deeper and more complex than is commonly realized. An entire eclipse cycle, a Saros Series, lasts for 1200 – 1280 years and includes 71-73 ‘events’ or eclipses associated with each of the 38 eclipse series or ‘families’, which includes both Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Each series begins at either the North or the South Pole, thus it should be deciphered whether the Saros Cycle or eclipse family are designated as North or South. These eclipses now have their origin at the South Pole and specifically are called Saros Series 13 South. There are 19 cycles that emerge from the South and 19 from the North. Each begins with a Solar Eclipse which further emphasizes the importance of all subsequent Solar Eclipses with Lunar Eclipses playing a contributing role, yet ‘riding shot gun’, so to speak.

The April 8, 2024, eclipse is part of Saros 139, which began in the year 1501 and will conclude in the year 2763. Saros 139 includes a total of 71 related eclipses, with the April 8 eclipse being the 30th within this series. It so happens that the core theme associated with this Saros Series is the proverbial struggle between the head and the heart brain, rationale versus intuition. It also includes I.Q. versus E.Q., the former referring to linear logic or the ability to calculate and remember facts, while the latter refers to emotional intelligence or the ability to genuinely empathize. 

So, this eclipse on April 8, 2024, based on the influences of the Saros Cycle, will activate this confrontation, as it were. It might not be recognized as such, but for those able to stand back to see what is really going on, or to read between the lines, as the saying goes, this theme will be at play. It could be described as the debate between religious belief and literal interpretations of biblical scripture and those who regard their orientation to be spiritual as opposed to religious. I will venture that the time has come for intuition and spirituality to replace linear logic and religion. However, I do not imagine it will all end so quickly at all, but this could produce the next major confrontation of these modes of perception, among other factors. 

This theme could also apply to long-term ideals and visions versus short-term realities. The main issue is between lofty notions shared by people who have little or no idea what it is like for the poor of the world. Oblivious to human suffering they congratulate themselves for thinking out of the box, but the deeper truth is that their thinking is out of touch with reality and certainly not in alignment with genuine empathy for humanity. These globalist notions and agendas may have some merit, but there is too much mind and not enough heart. Those at the center of it deem themselves heroes but to may they are psychopathic, megalomaniac monsters, and some of them hold high offices that are meant to serve the needs of the populations they govern, but instead they cater to high ideals and support it with political manoeuvring, aka, lies. 

The Path of the Eclipse

On this very note, the path of eclipses is said to bring emphasis to the regions that they trace. It is one among the several key factors. With the much-discussed Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, dubbed “the Great American Eclipse” due especially to the ‘Eclipse Path which runs from the South through the middle of Mexico, then Texas through Maine and New Brunswick on a Northeast trajectory), the collective imagination has been stirred. This is especially so since the path crosses the previous Total Solar Eclipse in the United States in 2017. 

That the path run along lines in which towns and cities with the same ‘biblical’ names has added much fuel to the hype. In addition, during the Eclipse, the comet dubbed ‘The Devil’ will also be visible. Thus, there is a good deal of attention directed towards this Eclipse with widely ranging interpretations, many of which are heavy and serious, especially in the United States. Specifically, it is those who are religiously oriented who are the most wired to the implications and this is manifesting as a lot of fear. Given the overall situation linked to both major domestic and international challenges, not to mention various groups that might choose to take advantage of the generally altered state if only did to a qualitative shift from day-today life, that many are likely to be in, the overall situation is the recipe for a ‘perfect storm’ symbolic of events with great magnitude and deep and long-ranging implications. 

Conjunctions to Fixed Stars

Although the exact degree of the eclipse is 19 Aries 24 and the closest Fixed Star, Baten Kaitos is at about 22 Aries 20, it is just about close enough to have an influence, if somewhat less than it would if it was exactly conjunct by degree. Interestingly due to its characteristic to be akin to that of Saturn, including keywords like inhibition, reserve, caution, solitude, brought about by outer forces or authoritarian officials, it is quite likely that the overall result of the eclipse will not be as dramatic as many are prophesying it will be. Positively, as is true of Saturn as well, with disciplined efforts and integral attitudes, the results could prove rewarding.

Negatively, themes of imbalanced emotions, self-destructiveness and even violence are also present, so it could come down to exactly where those gathering to view it will be located and what types of people will be present. There is also the issue of propagated influences from various people and groups whether religious or governmental or civic as with police forces would possibly instigate the lower manifestations and the warlike reputation that portends falls and blows and other misfortune brought about by force. Themes of death and ending would also bring the energy down so much depends on the quality of the attitude of the people in the various gathering places that are likely to occur, amounting to hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps even into the millions.

Hard Aspects to the Sun and Between Other Planets

The most obvious and noteworthy aspect in the Solar Eclipse chart is the fact that Chiron is exactly conjunct the Sun and Moon at 19 Aries. Positively, this will sow the seeds of a healing process. The downside is that it could prove to be more fully akin to a surgery than a softer mode of healing due to the indirect influence of Scorpio. Pluto in Aquarius at the lowest degree is an indication of this. Due to the Aquarian influence, the focus will be on larger groups of people. Mars is the other ruler of Pluto, and it is in Pisces close to Saturn. This lends a supportive and softening influence at best, yet a hysterical, imagination-driven, and dramatic influence, at worst, along with deceptive or denial-oriented themes. 

Jupiter closely aligned with Uranus in Taurus could bring both a grounding aspect along with a spirit of upliftment, yet also a rebel or even revolutionary impulse to resist the influence of outer, authoritarian forces. The fact that mercury will be retrograde in Aries will largely have the effect of sharpening the focus. Yet, due to its association with Mars, the ruler of Aries, which is in Pisces, the result could be mixed, as with people using the event as an excuse to escape one way or another.

How the Eclipse Chart as a Whole Impacts Any Given Individual PERSON

How any of us, collectively or individually will be influenced is not something that can be said quickly for the reasons of subjectivity outlined. Among the more important considerations is that we each have FREE WILL so, how we choose to respond to any such event is ever important. Just remember that while the influences of an event like a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, as with the one on April 8, 2024, it is true that the influences can be both collective, according to national perspectives as outlined above, and very personal, as with your own Birth Chart. So, while a general interpretation can be provided via the Sun Sign focus and Horoscopes, the real deal is that every case must be assessed on its own ground.

Something I have clarified repeatedly over the years is that MUNDANE ASTROLOGY, also generally referred to as the ‘Astrology of Nations’, recognizes that every country, state, province, city, and legal institution of any kind, (like a company for example), has a ‘Birth Chart’. It is based on the moment that the legal entity becomes official, especially as with a legal signature, but another ceremonial event might also apply. The challenge with the birth of countries is that there may be more than one start date and this is a matter of research for Mundane Astrologers regarding countries. This also applies to if and when the given country or any of the other examples listed ‘changes’ as with some form of death and rebirth. This might be true regarding Canada, for example, regarding the Patriation Act. On April 17, 1982 legal signatures were made. You can read more HERE.

Neptune and Imagination Producing Inspiration or Hysteria

Much of it is a wide-eyed hype surrounding the April 8, 2024, Solar eclipse is laced with wild conspiracy theories. This is not to say that there is no truth in them, however. Life is all about interpretation, after all. Yet, the downside of imagination is when it is directly associated with instinct as opposed to intuition. The survival impulses of imagination that instinct implies, can prove helpful, effective, and valuable, but it is also the very thing that causes high levels of speculation that is presented as ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ as opposed to theory and hypothesis. 

Regarding knowledge and perception, theoretical perspectives without conclusive speculation and assumption are signs of hysteria and emotional imbalance and should at least be approached with caution. The question to ask is: “how much of what is asserted is fiction or speculation gone wild?” You can explore it further yourself, as there is plenty of talk about it. We will soon know how accurate the various perspectives are and that will prove interesting to reflect upon later. 

Hopefully, this eclipse will manifest as the healing impulse that it appears to represent, and the fear-driven sensation will be recognized for what it is. Of course, the result of it will probably prove mixed with some experiencing dramatic challenges perhaps even negatively influencing entire groups of people while many others will be uplifted with sheer elation due to what might be expected by the deeply moving and mystical experience that a Total Solar Eclipse is known to produce in people.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) 

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in your sign indicates a potent activation. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Taurus suggests that its influence will be financial, but it could also serve by altering your priorities.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) 

Changes in your public and professional life should be evident by now. You may be just in the early stages with seed events only. Yet, these changes could amount to new levels of power or a new career altogether.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20) 

Learning how to let go is a current challenge. Some might describe it as the high side of surrender, which does not imply defeat, just acceptance. The Eclipse is likely to ignite your sense of individuality but focus on keeping the drama mellow.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) 

A full spectrum of triggers is the source of mixed emotions these days. While themes of death linger, returns for past efforts are rolling in. Dreams and ideals are met with misunderstanding and confusion, requiring patience.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) 

Seeing the bigger picture includes acquiring new knowledge and perpetuating the momentum. Slowly but surely, what ‘once was’ is melting or undergoing an alchemical process of change. Trust and cooperation are keywords.  

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) 

This powerful Aries activation is destined to bring about some measurable changes. These may occur externally, but they will also have an inner impact on you. Positively, you will feel liberated from worn-out self-concepts.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) 

Change is the law, and it can get big and loud when it is amplified by an Eclipse. Your relationship life is the epicenter of this cycle. Positively, you will experience new beginnings. Your health and lifestyle will also feel the push.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) 

A lingering creative determination requires an independent resolve. Only you can make yourself take the action you know you want, and perhaps feel the need to take. By mid-month, you will be on a roll.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) 

This Aries eclipse could have mixed results for you. On one hand, it could prove creatively inspiring. However, other factors indicate shake-ups in your daily life and circumstances pushing you to acknowledge and confront fears.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) 

The alignments this month are likely to cause waves close to home. Positively, your energy levels will be running high, and you could experience the first real indications of returns on investments.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) 

Shifts in key aspects of your usual perspectives can be expected over the coming weeks and months, due to the powerful events destined this month. Positively, you will rise to a new level of awareness and confidence.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) 

You may benefit from the events this month, more than most. However, these rewards could also come at a price. Your willingness to obtain new knowledge and the subsequent shift in your usual perspectives is a golden key to success.