A tweet to East Shore birders …

The Creston Valley Bird Festival is hoping to include Crawford Bay at our next festival May 10-12, 2024.  We are looking for an experienced birder to lead a tour there.  If you know someone, please let us know.  Perhaps someone in that community would like to organize a birding event or presentation?  We have access to a bus that could take a group of birders up to that end of the lake! 


*Photo by Paul Hindson, Kokanee Chalets – Trumpeter swan in Crawford Bay

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  1. Hi- I have 2 sides of a carport that I would like to hang swallow nests on
    I dont have time to build them but I can hang them in Crawford Bay
    Please- who can I get in touch with
    to access artificial nests or boxes
    ( donated would be awesome)
    thanks Darren

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