Body of Alvin Dunic Believed to Have Been Found

On July 26th, the body of Alvin Dunic was believed to have been found near the mouth of Crawford Creek. A 13-year-old resident and his brother came across the body while exploring the beach and creek area at around 3:30pm on Wednesday.

Alvin Dunic went missing in Crawford Bay on May 29 while scouting a location for his students’ field trip.

Crews searched extensively for the missing teacher but were forced to abandon the search due to high waters. The search resumed once waters lowered somewhat but no sign was found.

On Wednesday, the Creston RCMP responded to a report of a body being found in Crawford Creek. RCMP along with Nelson Search and Rescue and BC Ambulance attended and recovered the body.

His family has been informed.


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  1. All my love and deepest condolances for Teeka Ferguson and her family for their loss. My God be with you in your time of need.❤❤❤❤

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