For Immediate Release: June 11th, 2018

 Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Route Tourism Campaign Officially Launches

Year-long tourism campaign showcasing communities from Yahk to Riondel launches this June

The Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Route, from Yahk-Kingsgate through to the Creston Valley and along the east shore of Kootenay Lake, isn’t just a highway connecting the west coast to the prairies of the east. The Route connects a network of people, businesses, and communities together to the lands we call home.  Between orchards and wineries, glass houses and glassy lakes, many locals have created a life for themselves as artisans and orchardists, restaurateurs and wine-makers, outdoor guides and health practitioners, proudly sharing our love for this land with the visitors who have discovered its charms.

At the newly opened Casey’s Community House on Tuesday, May 29th, The Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Route tourism campaign officially launched with the unveiling of the campaign brand, website, guide, and social media channels to an audience of 50+ business and community members. The campaign is the results of nearly a year of hard work by the members of the Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Tourism Advisory Committee (CVKL TAC) and thanks to the financial support of Destination BC, Columbia Basin Trust, The Regional District of Central Kootenay Electoral Areas A, B, C, and the Town of Creston.

The campaign is an new initiative of the communities from Yahk to Riondel, promoting the route as a prime tourism destination by highlighting our reputation as a hub for:

Similar to the International Selkirk Loop, the Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Route campaign showcases businesses, organizations, and attractions from Yahk to Riondel related to these four themes. By using the campaign’s mobile-friendly website, social media pages, or just grabbing a print guide, visitors will then be able to tour artisan’s shops, cafes, trails, vineyards, markets, sights and trails at their own pace and discovering the many attractions that truly make it the magical area it is known for.

And the campaign isn’t just for visitors, but locals alike! Be sure to check out the new website at:  where you can explore the “What to Do” section and digital map for information on all the great activities that can be enjoyed in our area. Or if you’re looking for inspiration for the weekend read the Suggested Itineraries section or Blog to help plan your day trip. Finally, if you have an event coming up, let us help you promote it on the websites’ interactive Events Calendar.

Most importantly help us share the love and local pride for the Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake route by using the hashtag #routeconnected to share your pictures, and videos of your experiences on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest account @ CVKLRoute.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes out for the Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Route Print Guide-Map, which includes participating business listings, a great map of the area, Q&A interviews with local businesses, and suggested itineraries for Foodies, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and families. It’s sure to be a great resource to help your customers, visiting family members, or friends fall in love with our beautiful home!

Still have questions or want to learn more about this initiative? Contact project coordinator Jesse Willicome at Otherwise, have a great summer enjoying and exploring the many attractions and hidden gems that dot this beautiful route!

Picture: The new Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Route logo

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