downloadIt may not be long before we’re looking at lock boxes and centralized postal services, (meaning we’ll have to drive a lot farther to pick up our parcels) while outlying post offices and postal service counters may be going the way of the paper dinosaur.

It appears as though Canada Post is implementing some pretty serious cuts to rural postal service and the Canadian Postmaster and Assistants Association (CAPP) is asking for feedback to stop the changes.

Our rural post offices have seen a dramatic cut in hours – both Riondel and Sirdar are likely losing their Saturday operations, (Riondel already has, losing a whopping 8 hours of service). Other cuts have already been implemented across the board, but some should definitely be looked at more closely, claim many locals.

A note from a Sirdar resident: “The Sirdar Post Office is the last remaining post office that remains open on a Saturday in the whole of the Creston Valley.(Other outlets selling stamps/dispensing mail etc. like at Wynndel Store are actually retail outlets – i.e. sub-contractors and not, by definition, post offices).  What this means is that if the cuts to SPO operating hours do indeed come to pass, then there is no facility for duck hunters to buy bird tags on a Saturday anywhere in the valley, as only a post office is federally mandated as a retail outlet for such items (and come October there are certainly bird hunters out here on weekends, being that the area is such a big migration route for birds).”

This letter came from a resident of Sirdar who is watching pending cuts and hoping that they can be avoided. It appears that many post offices are being pushed to privatization (only being in existing stores and businesses where an hourly wage doesn’t have to be doled out, thereby saving Canada Post big time).

mailboxATTENTION SIRDAR and AREA Residents!

This flyer is to inform you of a proposed reduction in service at the Sirdar Post Office. Canada Post plans to cut the hours of service to you, the public, by reducing the hours of service during the weekdays to 9:00-1:00, Monday to Friday and eliminating the Saturday hours of service. This equates to a 33% reduction in your postal service. In some communities, Saturday is the only day available for some to do their postal business. We need to know if this is true for you.

If these reductions are implemented, there will be a negative impact on the services as well as the earnings of the affected employee. You will not be able to pick up or mail parcels, buy or cash money orders, pick up call for items, such as registered letters, Xpresspost or purchase postal products, etc. As your Postmaster currently provides the premise for your post office, you may be able to receive postal services outside of these hours, but it is important for you to understand that this services is being provided by the postmaster on his/her own time. Canada Post is not paying this employee for the extended hours of service they are providing. 

Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA) is the union which represents Canada Post employees in rural Canada.

CPAA is NOT in favour of a reduction in postal services to your community but we need your support.

Canada Post has recently announced its plan to pursue the privatization of Postal Outlets. Corporate Post Offices staffed by CPAA members have a proven record of providing responsible, professional and consistent service. CPAA Post Offices are staffed by trained, competent and reliable employees. CPAA members have the ability to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We know and understand our communities and have earned the trust and respect of our neighbours.

We know that rural Canadians rely on their postal service. Should rural Canadians be expected to tolerate a reduced level of service? We urge you to take upt he cause and insist that the Federal Government halt the steady erosion of postal service in our rural communities. As a Federal Crown Corporation, Canada Post takes direction from our Federal Government. Let your MP, David Wilks, know that you are not in favour of a reduction in your postal service. We want to see that your community’s postal service is not reduced. Please share your opinions with your MP, CPAA and Canada Post Customer Service: 1-800-267-1177.

MP: David Wilks, Kootenay-Columbia, 100-B Cranbrook St. North, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 3P9 –

CPAA: Barb Lincoln, BC and Yukon Branch, 7519 Sechelt Inlet Rd, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A4 –

We need to hear from you! Please take a moment to let your voice be heard. 

Thank you, 

Barb Lincoln, President CPAA BC & Yukon Branch.



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