April 7, 2013: The old Crawford Bay School was torn down over the past few days. As wrecking balls and heavy machinery ripped through the belly of the facility, residents pulled over to watch the demolition of a place that held many memories and past lives. Watch for more about the history of the school and information about plans for the space where the school used to be.

Photos by Glen Kinder

fun finder & demolition 018

fun finder & demolition 032

fun finder & demolition 031


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  1. I just saw this post and my heart dropped….I have alot of memories of the school….I went to Grade 1 thru 4 there…Mrs. Flag was my Grade 1 and 2 teacher (both classes were in the same room) and Mrs. Lynn was my Grade 3 and 4…
    That was back in the 60’s…..oh my…we sisters get together every now and then and we stop at the school…actually we
    swing on the old swings…I am sad, as part of my heritage has gone, but on the other hand I do understand….It is just too bad that they couldn’t keep a part of it and turn it into a museum….I even remember the hall….went to a few dances there, and remembering my Mom teaching me how to dance…(she was the female, so I had to learn the male steps….)
    making me the leader when I dance, I still chuckle about it to this day…Is the church on the corner still there?…wow alot of memories in Crawford Bay….I am thankful for facebook for this reason….I have connected with some that lived there as well….great catching up now and then….I remember the Red & White grocery store…..Tony’s store, Herb’s garage, the drive-in….we used to go down during the day and turn up all the speakers then sit up top on the hill and watch the movie on the big screen…”The Fly” was playing that night….I never did that again….,funny…but the best times were there up on the hill with the school and hall…I will miss seeing that when I am thru that way…….Shirley (Elgie) Keenan

    1. It will be weird to go back there now Aunt Shirley.. my whole family almost including my kids went to this school.. I wonder what will be there now besides an empty lot?

  2. It is very hard to look at those pictures. In those days you knew ever student and we chummed together. I remember taking the kids home to our place when we had functions in the evening so the bus did not have to make the trip down the lake road till it was over.George Petescu was very influential in my sports and encourage me to beat the girls from Riondel on sports day. Which I did. Lol. I was very involved in sports even when I left the Bay. Life is a cycle and we have to accept as we call it age. To all my fellow classmates wherever you are.smile as we remember the best time of our lives.

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