by Ingrid Baetzel, Editor

10:30pm, Aug 29/19 – East Shore, Kootenay Lake: Joey Lewis, Chief Mate on board the Kootenay Lake Ferry and Treasurer and Shop Steward of BCGEU local 2009, contacted Mainstreet to share information from the employee and union perspective.

He stated that the crew wanted to inform East Shore locals as to exactly what is going on and sent a copy of an information bulletin that has been circulated with further details included. It is below.

Lewis informed us that the strike at the Balfour ferry landing will begin at 3:30pm on Saturday August 31, 2019. “Both vessels will end service around the 1pm sailings to ensure that they are docked prior to 3:30. Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President, and other officials from the union will be in attendance from 1:30 to 3:30pm.” He asked for all who can to come out in the afternoon to show support.

Further to this, East Shore residents have expressed an interest in attending the Kootenay Bay Ferry Landing to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with what is going on. Some are calling for a rally/protest to have their voices heard. Watch for further details as to whether this gets organized.

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